Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    4.2 Million BISP Beneficiaries Received 10500 In June 2024

    4.2 Million BISP Beneficiaries Received 10500

    4.2 Million BISP Beneficiaries Received 10500 in the June instalment. Benazir Income Support Program has about four quarterly instalments. Two million beneficiaries have received. The distribution of aid funds to the beneficiaries is going on. Benazir Income Support Program assistance funds will distributed in phases. The first phase will start in May, and the second phase will start as soon as the distribution process is completed.

    The distribution of the second phase of this program is ongoing. BISP’s new chairperson Rubina Khalid said that the third phase will start after the distribution of the second phase has been completed. Beneficiaries who are deprived of the aid money in the first and second phases will receive the money in the third phase. In the first and second phases of BISP, about 42 lakh beneficiaries have received money so far.

    According to the records till June 21, more than 44 billion has distributed. The BSP Chairperson said about 65% of the beneficiaries have received the money. 35% of the beneficiaries of the remaining districts will included in the third phase.

    How To Get Accurate Information About BISP 

    How To Get 10,500 From BISP

    Registration will required to receive the assistance of 10,500 through the Benazir Income Support Program. Beneficiaries cannot benefit from this program without registration. To register you have to go to the nearest BISP registration office with your necessary documents. You will be able to be a part of this program through a dynamic survey in the BISP office. Apart from this, the registration van of BISP has also started, which provides registration services to people by going door to door. 

    This registration van visits various rural areas and provides registration services to people other than the elderly and disabled. The purpose of the registration van is to benefit more people by enrolling in the program. As a result of the registration, the eligible people will be able to get an assistance amount of 10 thousand 500 from this program. One has to visit the nearest campsite to receive the aid money.

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    بی آئی ایس پی سے مستفید ہونے والوں کو 10,500 روپے ملے

    BISP سے مستفید ہونے والوں کو جون کی قسط میں 10,500 روپے ملے۔ بی آئی ایس پی کے پاس تقریباً چار سہ ماہی اقساط ہیں۔ 20 لاکھ مستفیدین وصول کر چکے ہیں۔ مستحقین میں امدادی رقوم کی تقسیم جاری ہے۔ بے نظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام کے امدادی فنڈز مرحلہ وار تقسیم کیے جا رہے ہیں۔ پہلا مرحلہ مئی میں شروع کیا گیا تھا، تقسیم کا عمل مکمل ہوتے ہی دوسرا مرحلہ شروع کر دیا گیا تھا۔ اس پروگرام کے دوسرے مرحلے کی تقسیم جاری ہے۔ بی آئی ایس پی کی نئی چیئرپرسن روبینہ خالد نے کہا کہ دوسرے مرحلے کی تقسیم مکمل ہونے کے بعد تیسرا مرحلہ شروع کیا جائے گا۔

    پہلے اور دوسرے مرحلے میں امدادی رقم سے محروم رہنے والے مستحقین تیسرے مرحلے میں رقم وصول کر سکیں گے۔ بی آئی ایس پی کے پہلے اور دوسرے مرحلے میں اب تک تقریباً 42 لاکھ مستفیدین رقم وصول کر چکے ہیں۔ 21 جون تک کے ریکارڈ کے مطابق 44 ارب سے زائد رقم تقسیم کی جا چکی ہے۔ بی ایس پی کے چیرپرسن نے کہا کہ تقریباً 65 فیصد مستفیدین نے رقم وصول کی ہے۔ باقی اضلاع کے 35% مستفیدین کو تیسرے مرحلے میں شامل کیا جائے گا۔

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    10,500 To Receive BISP Transparently

    Visit the nearest HBL Bank ATM to receive BISP assistance amounting to Rs.10,500 transparently. You must have a valid National Identity Card to receive ATM withdrawals. Enter your valid National Identity Card number at the ATM. Place your thumbs on the designated spot and press the BISP button. Your BISP account balance will informed. Press the Withdraw button to receive the desired amount. 

    Your desired amount will withdrawn from the ATM, after receiving the amount, a receipt will also provided. This receipt will be your proof of receipt of the full amount, which you will keep.

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    Complaints Related To BISP

    Complaints will filed in case of any problem related to BISP. To file a complaint, the beneficiaries go to the BISP complaint office. For registration of complaints online, the BISP toll-free number 080026477 is contacted. It is accessible to anyone to register a complaint by contacting this number. If you also have any problem related to BISP, then you can contact this number and register your complaint. A representative in the BISP control room will listen to your complaints carefully. 

    If your complaints are proven to be correct, immediate redressal will done. BISP call service is available 24 hours a day. Beneficiaries can contact us at any time.