Wed. May 29th, 2024
    CM Punjab Announce 500 Scholarships For PhD Students

    500 Scholarships For PhD Students

    Punjab Govt Announce 500 Scholarships For PhD Students. Only eligible students receive assistance in the educational scholarship program and meet their needs through monthly educational scholarships. The purpose of this program is to provide scholarships to students who are not pursuing education due to financial difficulties.

    Most of the students do not get an education due to a lack of resources, they are put on a job at a young age so that they can meet their needs with some money, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has decided to assist such students.

    Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has said in her address that we will not sit with a chair but we will provide all the needs of the people, due to which they are facing problems. Inaugurating an important decision for the education sector, Chief Minister Punjab has announced 500 scholarships for PhD in 20 disciplines, so that all students can continue their education and succeed in the future.

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    Registration of Ineligible Students in Education Scholarship Program

    If you also want to be part of the educational scholarship program and you do not register your registration or you do not meet the standard of qualification, you do not need to worry.

    The Government of Pakistan has now introduced new procedures through which you will be able to get relief even if you are eligible in the program, you will benefit from monthly benefits after your registration. 

    Don’t update their information and then make their registration successful

    • Eligible people must complete their documents for their registration and visit your nearest office.
    • The representative will give you a registration form, in which you have to enter all your information, which is correct.
    • So that your registration can be successful, remember that in case of false information, you can also take legal action and lose your aid.
    • After that you have to submit all your documents, after confirming your information and documents, you will be told about the payment of SMS.
    •  You will be able to get your benefits from your nearest ATM or a bank account.

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    Eligible students in the educational scholarship program

    Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has also set the eligibility criteria while launching the programs. Only deserving people can get assistance, not all people are eligible, but there are also some people who are declared ineligible in the program.

    • Students fulfilling the eligibility criteria will benefit from monthly educational scholarships.
    • People whose monthly income is very low and their children are not getting an education.
    • Such students have lost wealth-like knowledge due to a lack of resources.
    • People whose children are not getting education due to lack of resources.
    • Maryam Nawaz has provided facilities to the students who are not studying after matriculation and has given them an opportunity to acquire knowledge.
    • It has announced to allow children to study abroad, education scholarships, electric motorbikes, scholarships.

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    Ineligible Students

    Not all people are eligible in this program, but there are many who are receiving assistance even if they are not eligible. So this time the new government has set new standards and announced that only deserving people will be given assistance. Students who can meet their needs are ineligible for the program.

    • Whose monthly income is sufficient to meet their needs, who are studying with full resources.
    • Students who travel abroad to get knowledge
    • Who are already being given assistance by the government.
    • Government employees will be ineligible for the program, they will not be provided with scholarships.
    • Or if you want to get help from the program and are not eligible, then Maryam Nawaz has announced to update your information.
    • If you update your information, you will be eligible to receive monthly stipends with the latest information provided.

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    Online Registration in Academic Program

    So if you can’t go to your nearest office or if you are facing problems, you can also register online. If you are not sure that your registration will not be successful, then you need not worry. It is very important that you have an internet and smartphone facility, only then your registration will be easy.

    • You have to go to the Education Scholarship Program website on your smartphone, a form will open in front of you by clicking on the registration button.
    • In which you have to enter your correct information and after providing the correct information you have to ensure that the information provided by you is correct.
    • After filling the form completely you have to click on the submit button, as soon as you click on the submit button your application will reach the center immediately.
    • And after verification of your registration form you will be informed about your scholarship.
    • Now your registration is complete, you can get your stipend from your nearest ATM or bank account, but for that you need to have your identity card with you.

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