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    Best Facilities For Transgenders Mehfooz Punjab Ehsaas

    Best Facilities For Transgenders

    Bint-e Nawaz has decided to provide schools for transgender children and monthly money to Best Facilities For Transgenders. People above 40 years of age consider all the issues of transgender. Maryam Nawaz says that disabled transgender people should give monthly money and Best Facilities Ehsaas For Transgenders employment opportunities should be provided to them. Pakistan is the only country where the transgender community is treated badly. But now due to the new government transgenders will be given their rights. Transgender people often feel lonely due to their exclusion from society, so Bint Nawaz has encouraged them by supporting them.

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    Basic Protections for Transgender People

    Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz said in her address that transgender people must have access to treatment. They should be provided with various facilities to improve their lives as transgender people are a part of the nation, known as the third gender. The Ehsaas Transgender Program has started for transgender people, but Maryam Nawaz has announced to provide them with monthly money and provide them with facilities.

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    Best Facilities For Transgenders  Mehfooz Punjab  Ehsaas

    Tahafuz Darsgah for Transgender Children

    In Lahore, a Tahafuz Darsgah for transgenders was inaugurated and different parts of this school were built. Various facilities are available for transgender children. Tahafuz Darsgah was established in 18 days and its building is indeed small, but a lot of work done on it. Transgender children are provided with vocational training, accommodation facilities, clean beds, and food. Former Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi said that he is grateful to the British Curriculum and Accreditation Board. With whose support this school was built so that transgender children can improve their lives.

    In this school, there are training rooms for transgender children, hostels and clean beds for living, good food, and various facilities. So that the future of transgender children can enlightened by training them. They are part of the nation.

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    Eligibility Criteria For Transgender People

    Maryam Nawaz says that money should be provided to old eunuchs so that they can fulfill their basic needs. Best Facilities Ehsaas For Transgenders Like other programs, only eligible people will assisted in this one. Therefore, transgenders who meet the eligibility criteria will receive the assistance amount.

    • In the eligibility criteria, people who are facing extreme hardships and are forced to reach out to people are eligible for the program.
    • Transgender people who are above 40 years of age will be eligible for the program and will benefit from the assistance.
    •  Transgender children will given education in schools.
    •  Protected schools set up for transgender children.
    • Transgenders whose identity card gender is transgender may be eligible for the program.
    • Even in the case of the disabled eunuch, the disability must mentioned on the ID card.
    • In this case, special attention will given to assisting eunuchs so that they can be part of society.

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    The Main Objective Of Providing Facilities To Transgender People

    Chief Minister Punjab says that all people should given equal rights. That is why it is our first duty to give their rights to the eunuchs. Its aim is to provide livelihood, education, housing, and healthy food to transgenders. So that they are not deprived of these facilities.In her address, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has decided to provide better facilities to transgender women as well as quarterly stipend.

    It is important to provide services to transgenders while fulfilling the basic rights of the society.

    They should given employment opportunities to improve their living standards.

    Assistance money should be provided to eunuchs to lead a healthy and prosperous life in the society.

    Equal rights should provided to other members of the society and transgenders should assisted to meet their basic needs.