Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    BISP 10500 Payments Now Start Receiving From ATMs

    BISP 10500 Payments

    BISP 10500 Payments Now Start Receiving From ATMs. For the people who have not received the payment of the program, now the government of Pakistan has announced to provide payment on registration through an easy procedure. For the people who could not get their payment from the ATM due to the problems, the government has now issued payment from the ATM.

    These persons will be eligible to receive the program payment on full verification of their ID card number. Previous payment of the program was not issued from ATMs due to problems, now the government has been issued payments from ATMs. 

    Those who have not received the previous month’s payments, then these people will get their previous and this month’s double payment from their nearest campsite or ATM card. Start receiving BISP 10500 payments from ATM now. 10500 will provided on ID card verification, program payments will provided to the beneficiaries meeting the prescribed eligibility criteria.

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    BISP Payment through ID Card

    10500 BISP Payments from ID Cards require full verification. Individuals who want to receive a program payment and have not yet received a payment. Payment of BISP 10500 will provided through ID card. The persons who will get their fingerprints verified by the representative after complete verification of their ID card number will included by the government.

    After verification of eligibility in BISP, the registered persons will be able to get payment of BISP 10500 every three months. Those who could not join the program will declared eligible in the program after updating their information. Visit your nearest ATM with your ID card and provide the ID card number along with all your details to the representative. The representative will provide you with your full payment without any deductions after confirming them.

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    Verification of Eligibility

    Eligibility criteria have been set by the Government of Pakistan, payments will released to beneficiaries who meet these criteria. The government announced that payment will released to those on completion of eligibility verification. Ineligible persons will get payment after their verification is completed after updating all their information. Payments will be released to the beneficiaries only after verification of eligibility in the BISP program is completed.

    Those who do not have a full love score then check this eligibility with your latest information. By matching the identity card number with the helpline number given by the government, all the correct information about the Ehsaas program will be available. You will be able to get your payment confirmation, registration and other necessary information by sending your ID card number to the helpline number.

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    Set standards

    The criteria for providing aid have been set by the Government of Pakistan. Those individuals who meet these criteria will be released into the program. Those who have not registered in the program so far will be made important after updating the information. The standards set by the Government of Pakistan are as follows:

    • Whose monthly income is not enough to meet their needs
    • who depend on others to meet their needs;
    • Those who have a poverty score between 25 and 30 or less
    • People who are facing difficulties
    • Who cannot necessarily get their commodities from their monthly income
    • Those who are suffering due to lack of assistance
    • Women
    • orphan children
    • 10,500 will be eligible for the BISP program.