Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    The Double Installment Of BISP Starts in June

    BISP 8171

    If you guys are worried about how to get your double payment BISP. So she was going to get double payment in June, so she is going to get payment today. If you want to receive this payment, visit your nearest Nadra office. There you are being given double payment on verification of your CNIC. 

    Apart from this, a decision has also been made by the bank, which is the biggest bank in Pakistan, the State Bank. By keeping your CNIC with you as soon as possible. Get your double payment. You will not face any kind of payment problem. will be given in your hands. If you guys are eligible, then read the article till the end for more details.

    Ehsaas Program Money Started Coming From The Campsite

    The Double Installment Of BISP Starts in June

    بی آئی ایس پی 8171

    اگر آپ لوگ پریشان ہیں کہ اپنی ڈبل ادائیگی BISP کیسے حاصل کریں۔ اس لیے اسے جون میں ڈبل ادائیگی ملنے والی تھی، اس لیے اسے آج ادائیگی ہونے والی ہے۔ اگر آپ یہ ادائیگی حاصل کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو اپنے قریبی نادرا آفس میں جائیں۔ وہاں آپ کو اپنے CNIC کی تصدیق پر ڈبل ادائیگی کی جا رہی ہے۔

    اس کے علاوہ پاکستان کے سب سے بڑے بینک اسٹیٹ بینک کی جانب سے بھی فیصلہ کیا گیا ہے۔ اپنا شناختی کارڈ جلد از جلد اپنے پاس رکھ کر۔ اپنی ڈبل ادائیگی حاصل کریں۔ آپ کو کسی قسم کی ادائیگی کی پریشانی کا سامنا نہیں کرنا پڑے گا۔ آپ کے ہاتھ میں دیا جائے گا۔ اگر آپ لوگ اہل ہیں تو مزید تفصیلات کے لیے مضمون کو آخر تک پڑھیں۔

    How To Get Double Payment

    If you guys are going to get help and are worried. What things should we take with us for money? So you don’t need to worry. Whenever you go to get double the amount of BISP, keep your CNIC number, register form number, and other documents with you. That is, you have your children’s education certificate etc. After that, you have to meet the representative of BISP. 

    There you will be given assistance in your hands. 25500 will be given to you. No information will be taken from you to get help. Apart from this, you will be registered in this program for money. Apart from this, the eligible will also be registered in other programs started under the name of this program.

    Benazir Education Scholarship for Poor and Talented Children

    How to Check Your Eligibility Status

    If you guys want to check your eligibility criteria. So you don’t need to worry at all. You have been given new forms on our website. You have to check your eligibility criteria by filling out these forms. To do this, first of all, you have to log in to our website. There you will be given a form. You have to fill out this form. 

    To fill it, you have to enter your CNIC mobile phone number and, finally, the four-digit code given in the image and click on the submit button. On the screen, you will be informed about the registration and eligibility criteria. If you are eligible, you will also be told to pay on the screen.

    BISP Provides a Mechanism for Identifying Spoofed Messages

    اپنی اہلیت کی حیثیت کو کیسے چیک کریں

    اگر آپ لوگ اپنی اہلیت کا معیار چیک کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔ اس لیے آپ کو بالکل پریشان ہونے کی ضرورت نہیں ہے۔ آپ کو ہماری ویب سائٹ پر نئے فارم دیے گئے ہیں۔ آپ کو ان فارموں کو پُر کرکے اپنی اہلیت کے معیار کو چیک کرنا ہوگا۔ ایسا کرنے کے لیے، سب سے پہلے، آپ کو ہماری ویب سائٹ پر لاگ ان کرنا ہوگا۔ وہاں آپ کو ایک فارم دیا جائے گا۔ آپ کو یہ فارم بھرنا ہوگا۔

    اسے پُر کرنے کے لیے، آپ کو اپنا CNIC موبائل فون نمبر اور آخر میں، تصویر میں دیا گیا چار ہندسوں کا کوڈ درج کرنا ہوگا اور سبمٹ بٹن پر کلک کرنا ہوگا۔ اسکرین پر، آپ کو رجسٹریشن اور اہلیت کے معیار کے بارے میں مطلع کیا جائے گا۔ اگر آپ اہل ہیں، تو آپ کو اسکرین پر ادائیگی کرنے کے لیے بھی کہا جائے گا۔

    BISP 8171 Check by SMS

    If you people want to check the payment of this program. So you don’t need to panic at all. First of all, you have to open your registered mobile phone. Download the messaging app on your mobile phone. After downloading it, you have to register your new message. 

    Enter your CNIC. Finally, you have to click on the button to register. Then, you will be told all the registration data is inside the mobile phone. You are registered for this program. Get your assistance of 25500 as soon as possible.

    Govt Approves 6.5 Million Caretaker Relief Package

    New Center for Complaints Launched in BISP

    The government of Pakistan has established control rooms in this program and is giving double payment. Where your complaints will be registered. Previously, YOU was not registered except for the registration of complaints. But now, there will be a complete verification process for your complaints. You will get your help.

    If you are eligible, then you are eligible. Jologs are also being qualified if you guys are worried. So no need to worry. The solution to your problems is explained here in simple words. Which you can fulfill and complete your steps.

    Get money through 8171

    If you people want to get money, now the new procedure of 8171 71 has started. Now help will be given to you through 8171. To use 8171, first, you have to visit the centre. That is, the government has introduced campsites and other methods. If you are in trouble, go to a bank near you. 

    A BISP representative will update you there. You create a JAZZ Cash account now through 8171. Get help as soon as possible. Apart from the aid, you will also be given other facilities from this program in the next few days. And one car will also be given.

    Ehsaas Taleemi Wazaif Check Online Registration 2024