Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    BISP Khidmat Program By Govt To Serve The People

    BISP Khidmat Program

    The BISP Khidmat Program of the government has started to serve the people. Eligible persons will assisted in registering for the BISP service program. The government has set the eligibility criteria for the service program. After meeting them, the eligible persons will get quarterly payments from Campside.

    Eligible persons for the BISP service program will get assistance payment after registration. This program is considered necessary by the government to eradicate poverty and deal with inflation. The government has now launched a service program for those who have not received the welfare payments. Are ineligible for the program. Through this program, those who do not deserve the program will get paid sooner.

    The purpose of the BISP service program is to assist the poor sections facing poverty and poverty facing people across Punjab. The purpose of the BISP service program is to provide services to poor people through aid. 

    Special assistance is provided in this program for those who are unable to meet their needs. For those who cannot meet their needs with the monthly income. It is decided to provide them with relief payments from the BISP service program. All these people will also be able to meet their needs through the ISP service program by making a quarterly payment of 10500.

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    Know Eligibility For BISP Khidmat Program

    Those ineligible for the BISP service program have become eligible after verifying their eligibility. Registration for the BISP Service Program has started. Individuals who have not received quarterly payments or have been disqualified for previous BISP assistance programmes. 

    The government has now announced to register them in the program, The BISP service program is aimed at providing relief to the people facing difficulties across Punjab. Beneficiaries will included in the service program after verifying their eligibility from the helpline number provided through their keypad mobile.

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    Eligible Persons For BISP Khidmat Programme

    All candidates should verify their documents and update their information before knowing their eligibility for the BISP service program. Only those persons who are eligible to pay for the program will registered in the BISP program.

    To eligible for the BISP service program you must have a keypad mobile phone facility. Registration in the BISP service program has been started for the eligible. Individuals who are not getting payment for registration in the program will now pay for the program through Nadra registration.

     BISP service program beneficiaries will provided quarterly payments of 10500. Beneficiaries in the BISP service program will receive payment from Campside. Full payment will provided to those receiving payment from Campside without any deductions or fees.

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    Obtaining Assistance With Registration In The Khidmat Program

    After registration in the service program, the beneficiaries will provided with quarterly payment of the program. The objective of the BISP service program is to provide facilities to the poor sections through Samhaima Aid. Due to inflation and poverty, many people are unable to meet their needs, the government has announced to provide relief to them through quarterly aid.

    Beneficiaries will get a payment of 10,500 on verification of their nearest campsite ID card after Nadra’s registration in the service program.

    After completing the registration after verifying the documents and updating the information from their nearest Nadra centre for registration. They will declared eligible for the service program. If you have a full poverty score and are missing program payments, Update your information now and register to be eligible for the service program.