Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    BISP Live E-Kachhari In June 26, 2024

    BISP Live E-Kachhari

    BISP Live E-Kachhari Citizen is launched to identify and resolve BISP Live E-Kachhari. To identify and solve the problems of BISP, a Live Ek Kachhari is started by the Government of Pakistan on June 26. Live one-on-one troubleshooting has been announced for those who have facing problems and are unable to get paid in the program.

    Many people are facing problems after registration in the BISP program. Concerned in case of non-payment of the program in full, the government has started court for them. Beneficiaries will be able to solve their problems in BISP Live e-Kachhari. For those who are concerned about the payment of the program or are facing problems in case of non-payment in full, the government has announced a solution for them in Live e-Kachheri.

    BISP Khidmat Program By Govt To Serve The People

    Know The Answers To The Questions

    With, people facing problems can resolve them. The purpose of Facebook Live E-Kachheri on behalf of the government is to resolve the problems of people facing problems through Live E-Kachheri.

    Those who cannot receive payment from the program or are facing extreme problems can contact a court on Facebook Live from June 26. This aims to resolve the problems in BISP. All your information will be provided to you by contacting BISP Facebook Live E-Kachheri.

    BISP Distributed 44 Billion Rs. Among 65% Beneficiaries 

    26th June Facebook Live E-Kachhari

    BISP Live e-Kachhari will start on June 26. BISP Live E-Kachhari In June 26, 2024. People who are unable to make full payments for the program, who have had payments deducted, or who are experiencing problems. Then, in that case, will get in touch. They will receive their full payments and will be able to receive co-payments after joining the program without deductibles.

    Contact Live E-Kachheri For Issues

    The government of Pakistan has provided a helpline number for BISP Live Kachhari. The government of Pakistan has announced to solve the problems through this helpline number. The purpose of this helpline to provide this helpline number is to provide relief to those facing problems.

    The purpose of BISP Live e-Court is to solve the problems presented. Beneficiaries will be able to solve their problems through this live e-commerce. In June 26, 2024, Follow the page of BISP Pakistan on Facebook and contact the given contact number to join BSP Live Kachhari. BISP Live One-on-one representative will solve your problems immediately.

    Breaking News! Redressal Of Complaints Against Govt institutions

    Contact Number For Live E-Kachhari

    In BISP Live e-Kachhari, the work of the Government of Pakistan has been done. This contact number will not be able to solve your problems immediately. If you do not receive full payment for these programs, you can get solutions from Live e-Kachheri to face the problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Live E-Kachhari

    What is the contact number for Live One Kitchen?

    To join Live Ek Kachhari, the contact number from the Government of Pakistan is 058-22920975.

    What problems will solved in a live e-classroom?

    BISP-related issues will resolved in Facebook e-Kachhari.