Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    Will BISP New Payment Of 10500 Be Given To Ineligible Women

    BISP New Payment Of 10500 Be Given

    Will BISP New Payment Of 10500 Be Given To Ineligible Women: This is great news for the ineligible women living in Pakistan, their question is whether we will give the new payment of 10500 for this program or not. Let us tell you that the government has started re-qualifying unqualified women along with the new registration procedure. So you will assist. 

    For this, it is important that you check your eligibility criteria again. Visit your nearest Nadra office to check the eligibility criteria. If you live far away from Nadera, get the payment based on the register by qualifying yourself online at home. Visit our website for more details.

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    How To Register

    The government of Pakistan has introduced new procedures for registration. The biggest mechanism of which is the online web portal. You will register online at home through the web portal. 

    And get your aid by going to the official website of the government. The web portal will be provided on our website. Who wants to know how we will get our aid by filling it up? So read the article below and you have told how to get help.

    BISP Gov Pk Application Form Register Now 2024

    How To Take BISP New Payment?

    The government of Pakistan has established new centers for new payment of BISP. The biggest center is the Nadra office. Go there and get your help. You have to keep your CNIC mobile phone number and your registration form with you for the aid amount. 

    So that the aid is given to you in your hands. And you should not face any kind of problem. Also, tell you clearly if any of your family members are family-worthy. So register him in this program as soon as possible.

    How To Check BISP Status

    If you guys want to check BISP status. So you don’t need to panic at all. You have given a form inside our post. Check your BISP payment and registration status by uploading this form. For this, you have to register your CNIC mobile phone.

    Enter the four-digit code given in this form. Finally, your payment status will displayed. You have to look at the screen from there. Then you will updated regarding the registration. Register as soon as possible and get help.

    How to Check Online BISP Eligibility Update 2024

    How Much Assistance Has BISP Provided?

    BISP program since the new budget was announced. So assistance has been provided to more than 90 lakh families. Therefore, in the next few days, this program will help 2 crores more families. 

    In these two crore families, the poor, deserving widows, disabled, and distressed women will get assistance from this program. So get registered in this program as soon as possible. Those who have registered are being given money from today. You start getting money on a CNIC basis.


    What Is The Purpose Of Creating BISP?

    The purpose of creating the BISP program is to start other programs in the name of this program. So that this program together with its other programs controls the growing poverty in Pakistan.

    What Is The Number Of People Registered In BISP Program?

    About 100,000 families have registered in this program. Apart from this, two crore families will also registered in a few days.