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    BISP Provides a Mechanism for Identifying Spoofed Messages

    BISP Provides a Mechanism for Identifying Spoofed Messages 2024

    BISP Provides a Mechanism for Identifying Spoofed Messages that messages received from any number other than 8171 will be fake. You have to follow the given steps to identify them. The procedure for identifying fake messages is something like this

    • Such messages claim that people’s scholarships have been approved.
    • Or enter the maximum amount and you are notified about the payment.
    • Information is provided regarding enrollment in the program and disbursement of scholarships which is incorrect.

    By recognizing spoofed messages, you can avoid scammers. Another way to identify these messages is if they are received from a helpline other than 811. So if you are also facing these problems and are receiving calls or messages, go to your nearest Nadar center and apply to avoid fraud.

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    جعلی پیغامات کی شناخت کے لیے ایک طریقہ کار

    BISP Provides a Mechanism for Identifying Spoofed Messages

    Receiving A Fake Message Or Call

    You don’t have to worry about receiving a fake message or call. Because many people use these wrong helplines to track information. So you have to remember that the helpline given by the government is only 8171.  In case of receiving wrong messages and calls, you can complain to the nearest BISP Complaint Center.

    Also, if you receive a message from a fake helpline, they are fake and out to get your information. You don’t pay attention to them and ignore them and wait for the 8171 subject message. Also, you can go to your nearest center and file a complaint against the counterfeiting agent.

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    Helpline Number For Information

    The purpose of providing this helpline is to provide updates regarding the program. Further, a helpline number has been provided by the Government of Pakistan for program information verification, registration eligibility, and other issues.

    Apart from this, in case of receive the wrong messages, you can apply by contacting this number. BISP centers are present in every district, you can visit the office for information. You can call the helpline or contact the certified digital platform.

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    Original Messages Of Benazir Income Support Program

    If you receive several such messages in a day and you do not recognize the original messages, then there is no need to worry. You can identify the original messages without any problem by following a simple procedure. You are concerned about what these contact instructions are so you should pay attention to the message or call received by helpline 8171.

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    How To Protect Yourself From Fraudsters?

    If you are facing these problems and you are fed up then you don’t need to worry. Because many such facilities from the government of Pakistan will benefit you. Procedures have also been introduced by the Government of Pakistan to avoid counterfeiters.

    • Benazir Income Program messages are received only from 8171, other than those who use any other helpline are scammers.
    • VISP offices are located in every district where you can visit for information or any problems.
    • You can also get your information by calling the helpline, apart from the B Benazir Income Support Program official verified social media accounts and website.
    • You can visit these websites for more information.
    • Most of the women go to VI bank accounts to get money after receiving the wrong messages and return disappointed if they don’t get the money.
    • So these women are requested to wait for the message received from 8171 and only after that visit to get the money.
    • Only messages from 8171 are received for payment to beneficiaries.

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    Helpline From The Government Of Pakistan

    The helpline number for the program has been provided by the government of Pakistan as many people try to track people’s information with the wrong helpline number. Many such problems have been encountered so now the government of Pakistan has provided a helpline 8171 for the program.

    For information about the Benazir Income Support Program, contact the BISP Tehsil Office or call the given helpline at 0800 24677. Also do not contact any other helpline, messages or calls to the wrong helpline will not get you a response.

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