Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    Special Bonus In Ehsaas Taleemi Wazifa For Students

    Bonus In Ehsaas Taleemi Wazifa

    A Bonus In Ehsaas Taleemi Wazifa has been reserved for the students in Ehsaas Shikhar Wazifa. In the Ehsaas Education Scholarship Program, the eligible students will be provided a special bonus along with the monthly payment.

    The government of Pakistan has announced to register the ineligible students for the program. Those who have completed the registration for the educational scholarship program will be provided money in addition to the quarterly allowance. But this amount will be available if the students complete their attendance.

    Many students are unable to meet their needs with educational scholarships from the government of Pakistan and even if they are available, they are not able to get an education. The government has announced to provide them with educational scholarships as well as special bonuses on completion of attendance.

    Now money will be provided to these students in addition to semester allowance. After completing the Nadra registration process, the beneficiaries will get the payment from their nearest Ehsaas centre or the nearest bank through ID card.

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    Register Students Ineligible For Program

    The government has also announced to register ineligible students for the program. Many students deserve help and are unable to meet their needs. They are declared ineligible even after registering in the program, the government has now announced to register them in the program.

    All these individuals will now be eligible to register in the program to meet their needs. Ineligible persons do not forget to update their information before registering in the program, persons will be registered only after the information is updated.

    Ineligible candidates will update their information from their nearest Ehsaas centre along with all their original documents. Registration will be done after getting the updated information copy at the NADRA Center. Ehsaas will register the eligible students in the Education Scholarship Program after verifying the copy of the updated information by the representative at the Nadra Center.

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    Amount Other Than Quarterly Allowance

    The government of Pakistan will provide special bonuses with educational scholarships to the students for more than 70% attendance. Students eligible for Ehsaas Education Scholarships can hardly meet their needs by making quarterly payments.

    The government has now announced to provide them with a quarterly payment as well as a special bonus on completion of attendance. Students who haven’t registered in the program yet, make sure to register in the program soon and get ready to get exclusive bonuses with quarterly payments.

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    NADRA Registration Process  

    Students who have been declared ineligible for the program will now be able to receive payment. This payment will be received if you will register Nadra after updating your information. You must have your updated information and original documents for NADRA registration.

    • Go to the NADRA centre along with all your original documents along with updated information copy and other necessary documents and provide all the information to the representative.
    • The representative will issue the registration form to you upon verification of this information and documents, this registration form will be provided to you upon eligibility.
    • So you have to enter your information correctly in this form, remember that if you provide the wrong information, you will lose the grant payment.
    • Enter all your information correctly and submit the form back.
    • After confirming the information in this form, you will receive a registration completion SMS from 8171.