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    Check PMT Score In BISP Program Through Keypad Mobile

    Check PMT Score In BISP Program

    Check PMT Score In BISP Program Through Keypad Mobile. Government of Pakistan has introduced an easy way to check PMT scores to provide the best facilities to disabled people. For people who cannot verify their eligibility due to low literacy, the government has given them the procedure to check their poverty score through a keypad mobile.

    By following this procedure, you will receive all the poverty score information via SMS. The purpose of the BISP program is to provide relief to poor people through aid money. Due to inflation and poverty, the government of Pakistan has announced to provide assistance to the poor sections in the BISP program.

    ID card number is required to check eligibility in the program. Those who are ineligible to pay for the program have now been told the procedure to check their eligibility through Keypad Mobile. All information will sent to you through SMS on eligibility verification through KeyPad Mobile. After entering your ID card number correctly in a new message in the keypad mobile, send to the helpline. After verification, you will provided the first eligibility information through SMS.

    Are You Ineligible in BISP? Check Out The Eligibility Now

    Online Registration For BISP 10500

    The government of Pakistan has introduced an easy method for online registration in the BISP program. Through this method, now all the ineligible persons will complete their registration sitting at home. Ineligible persons will register in the program by filling out the online registration form through a smartphone. You will be able to register for the program after filling out the registration form for online registration. Check PMT Score in the BISP Program through Keypad Mobile.

    BISP will submit the registration form after filling out the program website. Upon complete confirmation of this registration form in the program, the representative will send you an SMS from 81 and you will able to know all the application information.

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    Families Ineligible For The Program

    Many people have been declared ineligible in the BISP program by the government of Pakistan. Those ineligible for the BISP program will be eligible after completing their registration.

    Ineligible persons will be registered for BISP by following a simple procedure.

    The following persons are ineligible for BISP program assistance:

    •  Whose monthly income is high
    • enough to meet their needs
    • Who can fulfil their needs?
    • Individuals who are receiving assistance from the government
    • Those whose poverty score is more than 40 or between 30 and 40
    • Declared ineligible for BISP program on government job in BISP program
    • Persons having an income of more than 70 thousand are not eligible for payment

    Is There Any Fee For Registration in BISP?

    Frequently Asked Questions About PMT Score

    How to check your PMT score through Keypad Mobile?

    You can get information about PMPMT scores by submitting your helpline number.

    What is the helpline number for verifying PMT support?

    The government of Pakistan has provided an 8171 helpline to check the PMDU PMT score.

    What to do after checking the PMT score?

    Now registration will completed after filling out the registration form and checking the PMT score in the program.

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