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    Registration Of Complaints Against BISP Payment Deductors

    Complaints Against BISP Payment Deductors

    Registration Of Complaints Against BISP Payment Deductors has made it difficult for the poor to access the money. After receiving the money transfer message from 8171, if any BISP beneficiaries go to collect their money. And if the representative does not provide the full amount, it means that the amount has been deducted.

    The beneficiaries should file a complaint against the deductors. Beneficiaries should visit their nearest BISP Grievance Office if they want to lodge complaints by hand. Ask for the BISP Grievance Form from the representative in the Grievance Office and fill it with all the required information.

    Enter your name, mobile number, and deductor’s name in the complaint form, and submit it back to the BISP Grievance Office.

     The BISP officer will examine their complaint application. Immediate action will be taken if the complaint is proven to be valid. Within 72 hours their complaints will redressed and the deducted amount will be transferred back to their account.

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    Filing Complaints Through Call

    If you are a BISP beneficiary and you are among those who are unable to receive their BISP payment in full. So you should file a complaint against the deductor. You should know the helpline number of BISP to file a BISP complaint through call.

    You will dial the BISP helpline number from your mobile or landline number. Before contacting you, we will check whether the number dialed by you is correct or not. In case your contact is restored, you will register your complaints to the representative. 

    The representative will listen to your complaint carefully and will record it immediately. Your complaint will be investigated and immediate action will be taken if found to be true. It will take some time to resolve your complaint. Any amount of your deduction will transferred back to your account within a few hours.

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    Registration Of Complaints Against BISP Payment Deductors

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    Filing Complaints Through WhatsApp

    Benazir Income Support Program has provided WhatsApp numbers for the convenience of beneficiaries. These WhatsApp numbers can be used for filing complaints or feedback. If you have not received your BISP payment in full.

    So you can register your complaints using these numbers. WhatsApp numbers are provided separately for all provinces. If you are a WhatsApp user, it is easy for you to contact these numbers. Save the relevant WhatsApp number of the province you belong to in your mobile contacts. 

    Register your complaints through voice call or voice note on this number. BISP representatives will investigate your complaint. If the complaint is proven to be valid, the action will be initiated, and your problems will be resolved within a few hours.

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    BISP Live E-Kachehri

    BISP Facebook Live E-Kachehri is organized to identify the problems of BISP beneficiaries and solve them. In this, the calls of the people are heard directly and the related issues are heard carefully. Steps are taken to solve their problems.

    This weekly live e-Kachheri is organized separately for all provinces. So that it is easy to contact people and find the best solution to their problems. Before conducting the e-Kachhari, its schedule is provided on the official Facebook page of BISP. From there you can get its complete details and can contact BISP Facebook Live E-Kachheri as per the scheduled time.