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    Government The Decision to Provide Modern Machinery to Farmers

    The Decision to Provide Modern Machinery to Farmers

    Government The Decision to Provide Modern Machinery to Farmers. Agriculture is the main sector of Pakistan, it accounts for about 80% of the country’s production. More than 42% of the Pakistani population is involved in the agriculture sector.

    Punjab, the largest province of Pakistan, is at the top in terms of particulate matter. Punjab produces 60% of the agricultural production in Pakistan. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, in her first address after coming to power, has decided to give modern machinery to small farmers. 

    So that they can use them to improve the productivity of the land. Maryam Nawaz while addressing the meeting announced that we will provide tractors and modern agricultural equipment facilities to all the farmers to further improve the agricultural sector for the development of the country.

    Due to the continuous increase in inflation over time, the profit of the farmers has decreased significantly. The Department of Agriculture has started a scheme to provide interest-free loans to small farmers for their construction and development.

    This scheme is only for those farmers who have less than 12.5 acres of land. In this, all factors of credit distribution to farmers will be automated. One lakh 10 thousand farmers will be provided mobile phones with 10 applications to increase their agricultural productivity.

    All these applications will be related to agriculture. Every farmer will have a mobile wallet to which the loan amount will be transferred.

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    What Is Agricultural Machinery?

    Mean machinery is called the essential equipment to improve land production. These tools help the farmers to get more production in less time. This includes tractors, threshers, plows, and weeders in fields, and machinery used for irrigation.

    This machinery has made many time-taking tasks of farmers easier. Some of the modern models have made it easier for farmers to accurately determine soil inspection, crop maturity, and soil fertility. 

    These technological advances have enabled farmers around the world to farm more efficiently than ever before. The use of semi-machines can also make barren parts of the land usable.

    Sub-machinery plays the role of backbone in production. If this machinery is not available to the farmers, they may have to suffer a lot of loss in their agricultural production.

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    Kisan Card

    Kisan Cards are issued for the convenience of farmers and to avail benefits from various government schemes. In this card, the farmers are provided with the facility of using Atom at the time of purchase of fertilizer.

    You can apply for a Kisan Card at any HBL Connect store after opening a biometric mobile account. After the successful opening of a mobile account, the farmer can buy a farmer bundle by paying Rs.500. Within 20 days the Kisan Card is delivered to the Agriculture Tehsil Office. Farmers can get the card from the tehsil office after doing the necessary verification.

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    PM’s Tractor Scheme

    Tractors play an important role in agriculture, they are used to pull or push implements. Many other agricultural implements are used with the help of a tractor. The government of Pakistan also provided easy and interest-free loans to small farmers for the purchase of tractors. Now this program will also be relaunched and assistance will be provided to small farmers on a large scale. 

    The government of Pakistan wants to provide aid to every individual in the country. That is why he started the tractor scheme keeping in view the needs of the farmers. So that tractors can be provided to them in easy installments with less markup. Many farmers are benefiting from this scheme.

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