Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    When Will You Get Double Installment Of BISP

    Double Installment Of BISP?

    When Will You Get Double Installment Of BISP?: Many families are questioning when we will given the double instalment of the BISP program. So now let us tell you that the date of the double instalment has arrived. You will given a double instalment. From June 15th, a double installment will given in your hand. Those who are not eligible will be eligible from June 15 and the aid will be given in their hands.

    If you are not registered and want to register yourself in this program, read the article in detail. The procedure of registration has been explained to you. And how to get help has also been told. And after that, the money will given to you in July. It has also been updated. They are also mentioned below in the article. How much amount will given to you for July?

    When Will You Get Double Installment Of BISP?

    Do If You Receive An SMS From A Number Other Than 8171

    Web Portal Registration

    For those who want to register for the BIP program through the web portal, the method is very easy. Let’s tell the web portal that there is a form. The name of which is given by Shahbaz Sharif himself. This portal will given inside our post. You have to open this portal first. So opening you have to read it.

    After reading, you have to enter your documents ie mobile phone and CNIC number, and finally, click on the register button. After that you will registered in this program and the eligibility criteria will met. How can you check the eligibility criteria? And how to get your help.

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    How To Check Eligibility Criteria In BISP

    If you want to check the eligibility criteria along with the registration in the BISP program. We want to register for this program forever. The eligibility criteria should mentioned. And how to check. SMS up to check eligibility criteria. To send an SMS, first, you have to write your registration eligibility criteria to 8171 on your mobile phone.

    And enter your CNIC. Finally, you have to send it to 8171 number. You will get a reply SMS from BSP within 24 hours. You are eligible for this program and can register and are eligible for other programs as well.

    How To Get Help

    Those who have registered and qualified, then the aid will given in their hands. They will not face any difficulty. Those who go to the Nadra office to collect money will not need to stand in line there. The representative of BISP will personally come to them to take assistance.

    And aid will given in their hands. And there will be a register. So they will call the BISP representative inside for registration. In the next few days, you will informed about the new procedures. The big government decision is the campsite.

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    Registration Through Campsite At BISP

    The government of Pakistan has set up campsites at the tahsil and district levels. From BISP teams are registering and qualifying people through these campsites. And they are providing assistance there. This campsite is established at the tehsil centres of UP. You have to go there. You have to go and meet the BISP teams. Those who have been admitted will get help through that cab site. So register yourself and get help.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Whose monthly income is 50 thousand
    • Those who have not travelled abroad
    • Whose name does not have more than one acre of land
    • Whose two children are studying
    • Whose age is around 18 to 60 years
    • Those who have severe water resource problems
    • Based on these steps you can qualify and register for this program.