Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    Ehsaas Program New Web Portal Verification Assistance Started

    E-bike Scheme Online

    Good news for all students: The government of Pakistan has decided to offer bikes online in the e-bike scheme. The Bikes will now be delivered to your doorstep. Earlier, you could not buy bikes based on CNIC. But now, this program will give you an online method to buy bikes. The government has introduced a new procedure for this program. 

    One of which is to introduce a new procedural code. The Codes are introduced in this scheme. Apart from your registration, you can also get your bikes by SMSing these codes. Want to know how to get a bike now? So read the article below. All methods are explained to you in simple words.

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    E-Bike Scheme New Online Registration

    Let us tell you about the families registered in the e-bike scheme. They have started getting bikes. 30 to 40 thousand will be given to the buy-up. Maryam Nawaz has announced that this bike should be provided to 50 thousand families in Punjab as soon as possible. If you guys want to get this bike, register yourself online soon. 

    And a procedure for the form has started. That is the first time you have visited our website. You will be registered here. You can do your online registration by filling up the form. Apart from this, the method of getting an inline bike has been explained to you in the article below.

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    How To Get a Bike Online

    According to the update of the representatives of BISP, earlier people registered in this scheme through the lottery. These bikes were given to you based on CNIC after Qardange. These buy-ups will now be given online. To get online, you need to enter the new code introduced by the government of Pakistan for the bike scheme. 

    After sending an SMS on it, BISP representatives will give you the bikes at your home. The purpose of giving these bikes is only to improve your education. These bikes are being provided to university students and college students. Who belongs to the deserving poor and lower class.

    Online Bikes Are Starting To Be Available In The E-bike Scheme

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    How Much Per Bike?

    Let me tell you that two bikes will be given to one student. If you want to get this bike, it is essential to register yourself. Earlier, bikes were not given to you, and you were not even registered. But now you will also be given bikes, and you will be qualified. You will also be told how to get this bike. To provide the best facilities, the government has launched a bike scheme.

    Suppose you guys are eligible to get this bike. So visit Nadra as soon as possible. The form will given to you on NADRA. You have to submit the form with verification in any bank near you. After depositing money into the bank, you will given two bikes. If you are not given a bike, you will given an aid of 4 lakhs equal to the price of these bikes. Check your eligibility criteria in this article for more details and information.

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    Eligibility Criteria

    People who meet the following criteria are eligible for this program:

    • Your school or university attendance should be 70%
    • Your monthly electricity bill should be 5 thousand
    •  Do not have any vehicle in your name
    • You have not traveled abroad
    • Your age should be between 18 to 60 years
    • Don’t own a small business

    The Program Called The E-bike Scheme Launched

    Many students are questioning whether other schemes have started in the name of this scheme. Let us tell you that the Roshan Gharana scheme has also started for poor families. Mobile and rickshaw schemes have also started if any family near you is missing or not registered in this program. 

    So you can tell them about registration for this program. If you are not getting the registration procedure, then the result is that you do not need to panic. Registering is done in easy words in this post. Your CNIC is vital for registration. Re-register CNIC. You will be able to meet your eligibility criteria, ie. Bikes are given to those who have qualified and registered.

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    Final words

    Let us tell you that bikes have been given to more than 90 lakh students in this scheme. Moreover, this program is given to the students by starting other programs. From whom will they get help and improve their education? Because the educational capacity in Pakistan is fragile, get these facilities in Pakistan. The facilities are being provided here in easy steps. Visit the website for more details. You will given a link to visit the website.

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