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    Ehsaas Disabled Program for Special Person New Registration

    Ehsaas Disabled Program for Special Person New Registration

    Ehsaas disabled program is for disabled people. It provides relief to disabled people so that they can fulfill their needs. It Program is a program to provide financial assistance to disabled people. Its objective is to provide cash to deserving people for the rehabilitation of handicapped and special persons. In this program, the government of Pakistan provides wheelchairs and artificial limbs to disabled people. The government of Pakistan says that due to this, disabled people in the UP program will able to improve their lives.

    The government of Pakistan is struggling to help disabled people. Therefore, this program has been started to meet the needs of the people living below the poverty line by assisting them. The government of Pakistan wants to create a better society.

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    Ehsaas Disabled Program Registration

    Registration is required to join the Ehsaas Saab program. You will able to benefit from it only after registration. To apply online you have to fill out a form. In which you have to enter all your details correctly. It has been announced to give special assistance to disabled people.

    • The following information is to taken care of to apply to the Disability Program, it must include your full name.
    • Father’s Full Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender Male or Female
    • National Identity Card
    • contact number
    • Complete address
    • Name of Province
    • District name and other information must be provided.

    After filling out your application form, you have to submit it.

    It will processed and you will informed about it after confirmation.

    If you or someone in your family has a disability and has not yet registered, register now so that the assistance from this program can still reach you.

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    Ehsaas Disabled Program For Eligibility Criteria

    The government of Pakistan is struggling to change the lives of the poor. For them to lead a better life, the government of Pakistan has started this program for the laborers to help them by providing some monthly amount.

    • Persons who are disabled or suffering from any disease.
    • Belongs to a low-income family.
    • They have no source of income, they can qualify for this program.
    • If you want to apply to this program, you must a citizen of Pakistan.
    • This program provides facilities to people living in the country of Pakistan.
    • Applicants must identify their disability. This includes hearing, visual, physical, or mental disabilities.
    • Applicants must have their Disability CNIC so that they can easily qualify for this program.
    • Persons with disabilities who have been biometrically verified as special persons by NADRA will eligible for this program.

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    Aims Of This Program

    The goal of the program is to meet the needs of people with disabilities by providing them with financial assistance so that they can lead a better life. This program provides a monthly stipend of Rs.2000 per month to deserving individuals to meet their needs.

    This program assists disabled and deserving individuals who cannot earn on their own and depend on others to meet their needs. These types of people who do not get jobs due to disability get assistance through Ehsaas Disability Program. This aid is sufficient to meet their needs.

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    Benefits Of Ehsaas Disabled Program

    Disabled people get facilities and benefits. By which they can improve their life.

    • The program includes a 2% employment quota with a special quota in PPSC and FPSC.
    • A 30% discount has been given on the purchase of essential items from the utility store.
    • Provision of wheelchairs for disabled persons.
    • Provision of artificial limbs and hearing aids.
    • Buses, especially metro buses, have special seats for disabled people so that they can enjoy their journey in a better way.

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    Helpline Number 

    If you have any questions or problems under the program, you can call the given helpline number 042-99232360 of this program to get your information or solve your problem easily. will help.

    This number is the program’s helpline number 0330-9232360 for you to call in case of trouble.

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