Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    Ehsaas Education Scholarship Double Payment Has Been Issued

    Ehsaas Education Scholarship Double Payment 

    Double payment of Ehsaas Education Scholarship has been released. Eligible students will get a payment of 9000 in each double payment of the Ehsaas Education Scholarship. Upon confirmation of the Bay Form number from the representative at your nearest cap site, you will get this payment without an ID card. Apart from scholarships, special money has also provided for the students. That is, the students who complete more than 70 attendances will be provided with educational scholarship program money and a special bonus.

    Apart from scholarships, the purpose of providing special money for the students is to provide the best facilities to the students belonging to the poor class. A separate amount has allocated for male and female students. That is, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 for boys and 2,500, 3,500, 4,500 for girls are provided for education scholarship program.

    A double payment of the Ehsaas Education Scholarship has released. All eligible students can get this payment from their nearest camp side. However, it is mandatory to complete your registration before receiving the payment. Those students who will register by filling out the registration form from their nearest centre can get double payment of the Ehsaas Education Scholarship. Due to the problems, last month’s payments were not released, so this time the government has released a double payment. All individuals must register early to receive their payments now and benefit from the program.

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    9000 In Ehsaas Education Scholarships

    Ehsaas Education Scholarship Program will provide double payment of 9000 to eligible students. Students who have applied for the scholarship will be declared eligible on receiving the payment SMS from 8171.

    Those ineligible for Ehsaas education scholarships will be eligible after updating their previous information or verifying their documents. 9000 will be paid for the education scholarship program on verification of ID card from your nearest campsite. Students whose mothers are eligible for the sponsorship program will get payment on their mother’s ID cards. The rest of the students will get the scholarship payment on verification of their Bay Form number.

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    Payment Of Education Scholarships Without ID Card

    You will get payment of education scholarships without an ID card very easily. Children’s scholarships will be provided under the education scholarship program to eligible women in the sponsorship program by the government of Pakistan, but these women will get these scholarships through their identity cards.

     Children whose mother does not have an ID card or who is receiving the program payment due to the death of the mother, then these students will get educational scholarships on verification of their Bay Form number. The government of Pakistan has decided to provide educational scholarships to students without ID cards. Many students have received double payment of educational scholarships and are meeting their needs. 

    If your mother does not have ID card then you will also get a double payment of 9000 on verification of bay form number from your nearest campsite through your bay form number.

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    Special Amounts Other Than Scholarships For Students

    Apart from the scholarship, special money will also be allocated for the students. Students who complete more than 70% attendance will be provided money in addition to the payment of educational scholarships.

    The government of Pakistan has decided to provide special bonuses to the students along with quarterly payments in the education scholarship program. Students who complete more than 70% attendance will given a special bonus in addition to a payment of 9000.

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    Separate Amount Allocated For Male And Female Students

    A separate amount has allocated for male and female students. 2000, 3000, and 4000 will be provided to the students in the educational scholarship program. Female students will be able to get quarterly payments of 2500, 3500, and 4500 if they are eligible in the program. Students who complete attendance in the academic scholarship program will also receive a special bonus.