Thu. Apr 18th, 2024
Ehsaas Nashunuma Program 2024 Registration Has Been Started

Ehsaas Nashunuma Program 2024

Ehsaas is one of the key programs of the development program, which helps to address malnutrition among pregnant women and children under two years of age. High levels of malnutrition make Pakistan the second most burdened country in the world. This program provides an opportunity to lay a strong foundation for the first thousand days of a child’s life. Human investment in the early years of life is the foundation and key driver of human economic development.

The best education and training of the children of the country is very important for the bright future of the country. The Government of Pakistan has designed a conditional cash transfer program for 1000 days of optimal infant development. The main objective of this program is to help children lay the foundation for a healthy and energetic life by addressing food deficiencies. The Ehsaas Nishunma Program was approved by the Technical Design Committee of BISP and reviewed by the BISP Board during its 34th session.

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Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria in this program are nothing special, but concise and simple.

  • Women eligible for the Ehsaas Kafalat Program can be eligible for the Ehsaas Development Program.
  • Pregnant women, lactating women, and children under two years of age. The Government of Pakistan has imposed the duties of Female Health Workers to select deserving women.

Ehsaas Nashunuma Program Online Registration

Registration for the Ehsaas Nashunuma Program has started. If you also want to benefit from this program, first of all, you have to register yourself in this program. After assessing your eligibility, you can benefit from this program. Still, visit your nearest Ehsaas program office with all the required documents and complete your registration.

If you are a pregnant or lactating woman, you can also register yourself online. You can enter your National Identity Card number on the Ehsaas Nishwanma portal online and send it to helpline number 8171 and register yourself.Now you can register yourself through the Ehsaas Nishunma program’s App. Download the Ehsaas Nishnuma Program app and register yourself. You only need your National Identity Card number and phone number to register.

In this program, people are declared eligible under the survey, and after that, they can benefit from this program. A complete digital system has been created for this program so that the registration of the beneficiaries and their eligibility can be easily tracked. Users describe Ehsaas Nishnuma’s transparent cash transfer process. 99% of the beneficiary women have expressed their satisfaction with the services provided to them during pregnancy as well as the services provided for the better development and health of their children.

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Increase in the amount of Nashunuma program

Providing good nutrition to pregnant women is very important for both mother and child. The Nashunuma program provides awareness training to pregnant women and children under 3 years of age on nutritious food, immunizations, and regular check-ups. Due to increasing poverty in the country, the amount of quarterly stipends for mothers and children has been increased under the Ehsaas Nishnuma program. In order to help in the best training and development of children to lay the foundation for a better future in Pakistan.

Pregnant women who were receiving 1500 scholarships earlier will now be able to receive 2500. The stipend of 2000 has been increased to 3000 for the development of the girl child. A stipend of Rs 2500 has been fixed for the girl child. A quarterly stipend of Rs 1500 has been fixed for girls aged 15 to 19 years.

A stipend of Rs 3,500 has been set for better care of pregnant women in flood-affected areas, Rs 3,500 for the development of a child, and Rs 4,000 for the development of a girl child. 30 lakh rupees has been fixed for the total budget of three years. This program will cover more than 1.5 million needy mothers and children. Currently, more than 50 Ehsaas Development Centers have been established in more than 15 districts of the country. Ehsaas Nashunuma program is being extended across the country.

Ehsaas Web Portal 8171 Was Started For Online Registration 2024

Aims of Ehsaas Nashunuma Program

Ehsaas Nashunma program is a part of the Ehsaas Kafalat program. The Government of Pakistan launched the Ehsaas Program online registration to tackle the country’s serious problems and address malnutrition among pregnant women and children under two years of age. This program will be expanded over time as needed. The main objective of this program is to provide the best facilities to pregnant women and work to improve the baby’s health in the first thousand days.

  • The Ehsaas Nishan program aims to prevent stunting in children under the age of two. Weight gain of pregnant women during pregnancy. Helping to reverse anemia in pregnant women.
  • To provide better information on maternal and newborn health and nutrition.
  • Reducing the risk of disease through better utilization of health services.
  • Prevention of low birth weight.
  • This program 8171 was started to empower disadvantaged women financially and provide better nutritional information.
  • This program has provided access to health care and better food for the beneficiary eligible women and their children.