Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    Ehsaas program started receiving money from Bahimt card

    Ehsaas Program Started Receiving

    Great news! Ineligible families have started getting the Ehsaas program and have started receiving assistance through Bahimat cards. If you also want to get this aid, then get a Bahimat card as soon as possible. Once this Bahimtt card is registered with him, he will never disqualified from this program and will never removed from registration.

    So you will given this Bahimat card during registration. So I request you people to get your registration done as soon as possible. And get this card to get money. Visit our website for more details and information. All the ways to get this card have been explained to you in simple words.

    Ehsaas program started receiving money from Bahimt card

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    How to get a Bahimat Card in Ehsaas Program

    You will start getting money through Bahimat card. You must have CNIC to get Bahimat Guard. Whenever you visit Nadra, you have to give them the data to get your Bahimat card. And check your eligibility criteria. Based on the eligibility criteria, you will given the Bahmat card for the Ehsaas program.

    With this card, you can remove the problem in your registration if you do not find the information in this article. You can visit our website to get the information. Now, you will also told how to get money below.

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    How to withdraw money from Bahamat Guard

    Let us tell you that if any of your family members are not registered. So you ask them as soon as possible to register as soon as possible. You are being given bravery cards. These Bahimat cards will be issued from Nadra when they are issued. So you will be able to get your help from any center near you with easy steps.

    When you show this card to them, the amount of 35 thousand rupees will given to you. And you will be given updates on the double installment within the next few days that you keep this card with you as soon as possible. A double installment can be made to you in the next few days.

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    Online registration for the Ehsaas program

    Great news and a golden opportunity now that an online registration procedure has been introduced for ineligible eunuchs and other types of poor families living in Pakistan. If there is a criminal case in someone’s name and this wrongful offense has been charged against him, then these families are also being registered.

    Now, complete your online registration as soon as possible. Now you will have an idea in your mind about how we can do our online registration. The government of Pakistan has launched 50 types of web portals for online registration. And 50 kinds of forms are demanding. You can go to our website or the government’s official website and complete your registration online.

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     Eligibility Criteria

    • A wrong criminal case has been filed against you
    •  Your monthly income scope should be less than 50%
    •  You have not traveled abroad
    •  You do not have an easy money account
    •  You have not done a government job
    • No member of your family should abroad

    New source for registration in the Ehsaas program

    Viewers, let us tell you that if you want to register and qualify for the Ehsaas program, go to your nearest center as soon as possible and check the eligibility criteria for your registration. You will be eligible and registered in this program based on the eligibility criteria. And you will given an aid of 35000 in your hands.

    No information will taken from you about how to get the money. The money will given to Direct Up. If you people want to get money online, then you can create a CNIC account at your home and withdraw money through easy money. Visit our website for more details and information. You have told all the information in simple words.