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    EHSAAS Quality Education Project for Children's Character

    EHSAS Quality Education Project for Children’s Character and Abilities

    EHSAAS Quality Education Project for Children,s Character. Pakistan is suffering from many problems. There may be numerous reasons, but they cannot ignored. In our education system, there is no focus on the development of children’s character and abilities.

    The project works in Azad Kashmir in 772 schools, where more than 170,000 children study. This project reduces the quality of the teacher. In addition, we are working on the basic characteristics, values, habits and traits of our children. The best way to promote self-esteem among children.

    One of the special things about this project is that it wants to see the same things in the character of the child, which it wants to make a part of the child’s personality. In our society, education was always considered indispensable. Unfortunately, this relationship did not last in the later era. Ehsaas Project is restoring the same traditional relationship. It aims to raise a generation whose weapon should not guns but high character, brotherhood, and self-confidence.

    احساس کوالٹی ایجوکیشن پروجیکٹ

    بچوں کے کردار کے لیے احساس کوالٹی ایجوکیشن پروجیکٹ۔ پاکستان بہت سے مسائل کا شکار ہے۔ اس کی بے شمار وجوہات ہو سکتی ہیں لیکن ان کو نظر انداز نہیں کیا جا سکتا۔ ہمارے تعلیمی نظام میں بچوں کے کردار اور صلاحیتوں کی نشوونما پر کوئی توجہ نہیں دی جاتی۔

    یہ پروجیکٹ کشمیر کے 772 اداروں میں کام کر رہا ہے جس میں تقریباً 170 ہزار بچے زیر تعلیم ہیں۔ یہ منصوبہ استاد کی صفات کو کم کر رہا ہے۔ اس کے علاوہ بچوں کے بنیادی اوصاف، اقدار، عادات، خصوصیات اور خصائل پر کام کیا جا رہا ہے۔ بچوں میں خود اعتمادی کو بہترین انداز میں اجاگر کیا جا رہا ہے۔

    اس پروجیکٹ کی ایک خاص بات یہ ہے کہ یہ بچے کے کردار میں وہی چیزیں دیکھنا چاہتا ہے، جنہیں وہ بچے کی شخصیت کا حصہ بنانا چاہتا ہے۔ ہمارے معاشرے میں تعلیم کو ہمیشہ ناگزیر سمجھا جاتا تھا۔ بدقسمتی سے یہ رشتہ بعد کے دور میں قائم نہیں رہا۔ احساس پروجیکٹ وہی روایتی رشتہ بحال کر رہا ہے۔ اس کا مقصد ایک ایسی نسل کو پروان چڑھانا ہے جس کا ہتھیار بندوق نہیں بلکہ اعلیٰ کردار، بھائی چارہ اور خود اعتمادی ہونا چاہیے۔

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    Features of the Ehsas Quality Education Project

    Ehsaas was a different project. Because it inspired the students towards better ideas and connected them with various activities that they needed to develop the characteristics and abilities of the students. 

    The project included two main components, teacher’s professional training, and students’ brain development. 

    • The teachers were trained in three areas (powers, attributes, and skills).
    • Children’s mental development includes truth, patience, respect, sincerity, and politeness.
    •  Ehsaas Project is working on children’s personalities, characters, basic attributes, and basic skills. 
    EHSAAS Quality Education Project for Children's Character

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    Training of Trainers in Ehsas Quality Education Project

    Under the Ehsaas project, classrooms including walls and charts provide a perfect environment for students with their ownership. Whom students fill with their skills. More than 45 trainees were trained in it under the supervision of advanced academicians. 

    The students were introduced to new ideas about academic skills, human resource management and other topics. Many of the trainers who were trained as professional teachers were also a large number of educated young people from Azad-Kashmir.

    Under the Ehsaas project, classrooms including walls and charts provide a perfect environment for students with their ownership. 


    The students then fill in the blanks with their own skills. It was a training program that trained more than 45 trainees under the supervision and guidance of modern academicians. The students were introduced to new ideas about academic skills, human resource management and other topics. Many of the Azad-Kashmir educated youth were given the chance to develop their talents in an organized manner. They were also trained as professional teachers.

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    Aims Of Ehsaas Quality Education

    Teachers were encouraged to be role models by involving them in various academic competitions and training sessions.

    This agreement was prepared after consultation with professionals.

    This project aims to eliminate gender discrimination and educate male and female students to contribute to the development of the country based on equal rights. If you want to register yourself in program, then the registration has started now.

    The main objective of this project is to improve the quality of life of deserving and poor students from the backward classes. Service-based training was given to 12 thousand teachers to promote education in government schools. More than 100,000 students are focusing on speaking and writing skills, and intellectual development as well as co-curricular activities.

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