Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    Identify The Registration Code In The Roshan Gharana Scheme

    Code In The Roshan Gharana Scheme

    Identify The Registration Code In The Roshan Gharana Scheme: Great news about the Roshan Gharana scheme in Punjab! The government has issued the process of registration through a new code in the solar panel scheme. From this, every person sitting at home can identify himself online. 

    The code-up will given in detail below the article. By using this you will identify your registration in this scheme. If you guys want us to register online. So that method is quite easy. It will also mentioned in the article.

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    Registration By Online

    Viewers, the number of solar panels in Punjab is increasing. So the government has introduced a new code along with the registration in the scheme. If you want to register online, apart from the code. So you don’t need to panic. You will given a form inside our post. 

    You have to fill it out and ensure your registration online. For online registration, you must have your CNIC mobile phone number and other documents. You will given short plates based on CNIC.

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    Identify The Registration Code In The Roshan Gharana Scheme

    How To Check Registration In The Scheme

    The good news is that those who have registered can now check their registration online at home. Earlier you had trouble checking your registration status after registering in Roshan Gharana Scheme. But now you will be able to check your registration online by SMS. 

    The government has introduced a new code. The cord is mentioned in the above article. You have to write it and send an SMS to your mobile phone. A reply SMS will be sent to you within 24 hours. That you quickly get your plates 50 thousand. The price of solar plates will not taken from you.

    How Many Solar Plates Will Be Available?

    Many families living in Punjab are asking how much these plates will given to us based on registration. Let us tell you that the government will give 50,000 to this solar let-up to remove the shortfall in the increase in the electricity bill. 

    Out of which batteries etc. will be given to you for free. Along with this, the selection of solar lets will also be installed by the government itself for free. You will not charged any fee. The government will pay all the fees. So get this plate as soon as possible.

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    Eligibility Criteria For Registration

    The eligibility criteria for registration in the solar panel scheme is that you use 300 units of electricity per month. You have not traveled abroad. You should not have any kind of criminal case in your name. 

    And don’t have more than one lakh in your bank. On this basis, you will be registered in this program and delivered to your home. So register as soon as possible. Avoid electricity and install this panel in your house.