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    Register in the Kafalat Program With A Bahimmat Card

    Kafalat Program With A Bahimmat Card

    Big decision Registration of every ineligible family in the Kafalat program will be ensured through the Bahimmat Card. Any family once registered through this card. So they will be eligible and registered for the other programs started in the name of this program. And help will be given in your hands. You will be registered for this program forever.

    You will also be given jobs one by one in the next few days. Apart from this, other facilities will also be provided, which are mentioned in detail in the article below. If you want to get these facilities, register yourself in this program as soon as possible through this card. If you are thinking of how to get this card, read the article below.

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    How to get A Bahimmat Card

    Viewers, if you want to get this card, you have to register for it first. You may be thinking about how to register for registration. So for that, you have to visit your nearest tehsil office. There you have to enter your CNIC with reference to this card. A BISP representative will first take information about your eligibility criteria for registration on this card. After that, if your eligibility criteria are correct, you will get this card in your hand from the Tehsil Office.

    Through this card, wherever you go to the center, you will be given the assistance of the Kafalat program in your hands. Suppose you people want to be entitled to get this card. So register yourself as soon as possible. If you want to know the online procedure, then the online procedure will also be explained to you in detail here. The in-line procedure is described in detail in the article below.

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    How To Register Online

    Many families have not registered yet. They have been registering for many years and are disqualified. But now that procedure has ended. Now you must complete online registration using this card. You have to keep this card with you forever. Apart from this, if you want to register your Ehsaas Kafalat program, then keep this card with you.

    After that, you have to keep your CNIC mobile phone number and other documents, too. So that you don’t have any problem and in the next few days jobs and other facilities will be provided for you. 30000 will be given to you in facilities. Houses will also be established for you.

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    How To Get Kafalat Program Money

    According to the update of the BISP representatives, if you want to register with NADRA, you will receive assistance online. You will not even need to go to Nadra. So you must have your New CNIC number. If you have not yet created your bank account, do so as soon as possible.

    Apart from your bank account, you can also create an easy money account at your home. Suppose you don’t know the procedure for creating your easy money account. So go to any store near you. There, you will create an easy money account. And your assistance will be transferred to your easy money received by BISP. Which you will be able to get at your home.

    Follow These Steps Before Registering in the BISP Program

    Who Will Be Ineligible?

    The idea is coming to your mind which families will be ineligible for this program. Let me tell you that those families who have any criminal case in their name will be ineligible. They have stolen etc., or killed someone.

    They will not be eligible for this program at all. So action will be taken against them. If all these actions are not against you and you have not done such criminal cases. Then you are eligible for this program. And Kafalat program assistance can get up. And you can register yourself.

    Identification Of Eligible Persons

    Let us tell you that the kafalat program has been started only for poor and deserving families. And it has been started to end your poverty situation. It was started in 2023 due to flood victims. But now, it has been established for every non-eligible family.

    Now, this program has started to eliminate the poverty line. Who is eligible for this program? If you have a zero poverty score, then you will be eligible for this program. And you will be given help in your hands if there is no case of crime, etc., in your name. Then you are eligible for this program.

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