Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
    Launch of Khidmt Card In BISP For Persons With Disabilities

    Khidmt Card In BISP

    Launch of Khidmt Card In BISP For Persons With Disabilities: The big news for disabled people is that the government has started Khidmt cards in the BISP program. You will registered and eligible through a khidmt card. Aid will given in your hands. Apart from this, BISP will also provide wheelchairs free of charge. If you are not given a wheelchair by BISP, you will given an amount equal to the wheelchair. 

    If you are not able to register and get this service card, then you can send someone close to you to get this card. Whenever this person of yours goes to get the card, you must bring your CNIC with him. Read the above article carefully.

    Launch of Khidmt Card In BISP For Persons With Disabilities

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     Amount Of Disabled Persons In BISP

    Viewers, let us tell you that BISP representatives gave an update 24 hours ago about people who are disabled. unable to walk. So they will given assistance of 50,000 from this program because they will use this aid to improve their living conditions. And they will hire a person to provide their service. Along with this, you will get wheelchairs from the center established by BISP. 

    You will get it based on your CNIC. So you must register your certificate and have it. After that, you have to meet your eligibility criteria. If any of you have any sign of disability, please refer to this program for registration as soon as possible. And they suggest getting a service card.

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    Eligibility Criteria

    • You are very disabled
    • You can’t walk
    • Don’t have anyone to serve you
    • You should not have a bank account
    • There are two disabled people in your house
    • Your education should be zero

    Withdraw Money From khidmt Card In BISP

    The great news is that disabled people will now able to get their aid through khidmt card. Along with this, let us tell you when you will get this service card. So, you start with this program. You can register yourself in these programs.

    Apart from this, if you need a ration, you will be able to get a ration through a service card. That’s why we request you people that if you people want to get help. So keep this card with you. Get assistance from your nearest Nadra office or online at home. The online method is explained here.

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    Online Registration in BISP

    Disabled persons are requested to do their online registration. Because they cannot go out of the house, let us tell you that the number of registered persons with disabilities has reached almost one and a half crore. Therefore, you should also register yourself as soon as possible. 

    And get money this June. Apart from this, other facilities are available from this program. Visit the website for more details and information. Let’s give you the last update: You must have your CNIC.