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Learn How to Register for the BISP Program In This Article

Procedure for Registration in the BISP Programme

Registering in the BISP program is very easy. If you register yourself in this program, let me tell you that you will be given different types of assistance every three months or every month. Through this, you can improve your employment if any family is unemployed. So he can increase his daily life with this money. How do you get the aid given by the government of Pakistan? Learn how to register in this article.

First of all, you have to send your ID card number to 8171. 8171 is the code created by the government of Pakistan. You can register yourself at home by using this code.

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Can We Do Online Registration?

Yes, you can get your registration in the BISP program completely online. How you have to do it, you have been given a link, you have to click on this link, and the web portal will open in front of you. When you want to open this portal, first you have to write your ID card inside it.

Below is the picture code to see. With this program, a child is not getting any trouble, that’s why you have to write the same code in another box. You have to write the same code, you don’t have to enter any other information.

After writing, find out below that you have to click on the option, find out that as soon as you click on the option, you will be notified with the information.

Can We Do Our Registration Through SMS Also?

You can do your registration through SMS and check your eligibility criteria. The rest of the information can also be checked through SMS. You have your National Identity Card number known as your CNIC number. You have to dial this number in the right message option on your mobile. The selected code for the BISP program which is 8171 is to be certified. You can also call this helpline number.

You have to send your ID card number on it, as soon as you send it, you will be informed about the information within a few minutes or a few seconds. You will be notified if your ID card is registered for this program.

Ehsaas Program Registration 8171 NADRA

How You Can Use the 8171 Web Portal

Using the portal in 8171 is very easy, it is so easy that even a child can use it. You have been given a link, click on the link, and a web portal will open in front of you. In it, you have to enter your ID card number which is your 13-digit ID card number.

You have to enter the same in it after entering you find below that option to click on. And the rest is explained in the point. How do you register for this program and what information do you need? You can get from this article whatever method you are told you just have to follow it.

You have to register yourself, how to register, you will submit your ID card number 8171 to the web portal through this program, and then your registration will be done.

What are the Documents You Need to Register for the BISP Program?

Before enrolling in the BISP program, you should know who the program is designed for. So let me tell you that this program is designed for women who are widows. It is designed for unemployed people. It is made for families who are poor and plunged into extreme poverty.

The government of Pakistan has announced to give aid through this program to those who are about to die because of poverty, they will be given aid through this program. If you register for this program, let me tell you that you will at least qualify for this program. You will be able to generate a good amount of income through this program and you will be able to invest it in good works and you will be able to earn a good livelihood.

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Requirements to Register in this Program

  • First of all, you need to be a Pakistani because this program belongs to Pakistan, so you need to be from Pakistan.
  • You are a resident of Pakistan No big property in your name means you should not have huge forts and such areas in your name which will cause a hindrance in your registration.
  • You have not taken lakhs of crores of loan from any bank. You belong to a very poor family.
  • And you are very poor and you fall completely above the score made by the government of Pakistan.
  • Your CNIC number which is your national identity card number should be generated.

It is very important to have a SIM registered on your CNIC number SIM is important because whenever you are registered you have to enter the SMS code which is 8171 percent. It is very much required and whatever new update comes from the BISP program will reach you first.