Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    Introduction New Survey Sponsorship Program Online Registration

    New Survey Sponsorship Program Online Registration

    Introduction New Survey Sponsorship Program Online Registration: The Government of Pakistan has started a new survey for online registration and giving money to the sponsorship program. Through this survey, along with your registration, assistance will be given online at your home. Hence, the purpose of making this survey is to control the growing poverty in Pakistan in one way or another.

    And to make Pakistan develop. This message was given by Shahbaz Sharif 24 hours ago. If you guys also want to get this survey. So hurry up and stay connected with our website. You have been told about the survey in this article.

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    Dynamic Survey For Online Registration In Sponsorship Program

    Sponsorship program assistance as well as registration will now be online because the Government of Pakistan has started a dynamic survey. Through dynamic surveys, BISP program teams visit every house and verify their registration. According to the verification which makes the house eligible for registration.

    So they are qualified and registered in this program. And the aid is given to them every quarter of 25 thousand rupees. So call the teams to your home for registration by SMSing your code 8171. Read the article for more details and information.

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    What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Registration?

    Viewers let us tell you that your eligibility criteria are very important for registration and taking money. That you should be Pakistani. You have not traveled abroad. Your monthly income should be less than 60 thousand.

    And your poverty score should be 25%. So now on this basis, you will be qualified for this program and you will be given 25 thousand rupees per month. The July episode will start now. You have also been told about this in the article. So read the article quickly.

    Where To Receive The Money?

    According to the update of BISP representatives, more than two crore families have been registered and eligible for the sponsorship program. So they are also getting their 25 thousand rupees assistance. Apart from this, 70% of poverty has been eradicated from Pakistan.

    To eliminate the remaining 30 percent of poverty, the government has established tehsils and centers everywhere. So instead of doing their registration online, they go to the center and do their registration. And get help. So register yourself as soon as possible by visiting NADRA.

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    Registration In The Sponsorship Program Has Begun

    Let us tell you that apart from 8171, if you receive an SMS regarding the sponsorship program. That SMS is wrong. So you guys be alert about this.

    Message me on any number other than 8171. So you don’t reply. If you people reply, you will be removed from this program. So get help through your SMS through 8171.

    The Final Word

    The purpose of creating the sponsorship program is to control the growing poverty in Pakistan. This program has awarded financial assistance to more than two crore families in June.

    So in the next few days, this program will start other programs. In which you will be given the double installment as well as the double installment of July with further increase.