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    Good News Nigehban Package 3rd Phase Has Started

    Nigehban Package 3rd Phase

    Nigehban package 3rd Phase has been started. If you have not yet benefited from this program, register as soon as possible and take advantage of the Nigehban Package Ramadan Relief. This is one of the welfare initiatives of the Government of Punjab. Which is designed to provide special assistance to the people during the month of Ramadan.

    Under this scheme, flour and ration hampers are being distributed to the deserving and poor people of Punjab. The distribution of relief hampers started on the 25th Shaban and will continue till the end of Ramadan.

    Maryam Nawaz said that about 64 lakh families in Punjab will benefit from this program. Eligibility data of people is taken from the BISP database. Maryam Nawaz said that the purpose of starting the Nigehban Ramadan Relief Package is to provide strength to the deserving and poor people for the special prayers of Ramadan.

     Maryam Nawaz said that her relief hampers will distributed three times in phases, and the 3rd phase has already started and people are benefiting from it continuously. The government has launched the third phase of the Nighaban relief package. Caregiver relief package will given to those persons who are eligible.

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    Who Can Benefit From The Nighaban Ramadan Relief Package

    The Chief Minister said that the record of people’s eligibility for the Nigehban Ramadan relief package has been taken from the database of the Benazir Income Support Program, that is, those who have been declared eligible under the Benazir Income Support Program are eligible to benefit from this program.

     is eligible for Expanding the eligibility criteria further, Maryam Nawaz said that people whose monthly income is 60 thousand or less will be able to benefit from this program. 

    Those whose poverty score is 40 or less are also benefiting from this. Those who have a valuable vehicle or property registered in their name will not able to benefit from this program. 

    Maryam Nawaz said that after the poor, middle-class people are the most affected by inflation. Under this program, the middle class people are also being benefited and now they are getting relief hampers for the third time in a phased manner.

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    How To Get Aid

    Getting help from the Nigerian Package 3rd Phase is an easy process. To make the process of distribution of this package transparent, the process of scanning the identity card has been introduced. To receive aid under Nighaban Ramadan Relief, you must have a valid national identity card, which you will take to visit the aid distribution center. 

    The representative there will scan your national identity card, and if you are eligible, you will be given a relief hamper. If you are declared ineligible, you will informed about it. You will be instructed to do your registration again, and you have to register yourself to get assistance.

    نگہبان رمضان ریلیف پیکج کے ٣سرےمرحلے میں تقسیم کا عمل جاری ہے. اس سے فائدہ اٹھانا بہت ہی اسان ہے، مریم نواز کا کہنا تھا کہ دوسرے سرکاری امدادی پروگراموں سے فائدہ اٹھانے کے لیے لوگو کو گھنٹوں لائنوں میں کھڑا رہ کر انتظار کرنا پڑتا ہے. لوگوں کی بھیڑ کی وجہ سے بہت سے نا خوشگوار واقعات پیش آتے ہیں، لوگوں کو اس پریشانی سے بچانے کے لیے نگہبان رمضان ریلیف پیکج میں تقسیم کا عمل دوسرے پروگراموں سے قدر مختلف رکھا گیا ہے. 

    اس پروگرام میں امداد تقسیم کرنے کے مراکز زیادہ سے زیادہ قائم کیے گئے ہیں، تاکہ لوگ اسانی سے امداد تک رسائی حاصل کر سکیں. مریم نواز کا کہنا تھا کہ رمضان ریلیف پیکج کے ہیمپرز لوگوں کو ان کی دہلیز پر پہنچائے جائیں گے، دہلیز پر پہنچانے سے مراد ہے کہ محلوں کی سطح پر امداد تقسیم کرنے کے مراکز قائم کیے جائیں گے. جو انہوں نے اپنا وعدہ پورا کیا اور لوگوں کو ان کے گھروں تک گھروں تک راشن پہنچانے کا عمل بہترین طریقے سے انجام دیا.

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    How To Register For The Nighaban Ramadan Relief Package

    To benefit from the Nighaban Ramadan relief package, you have to visit the tehsil office of BISP with some necessary documents to register yourself. The representative there will collect your documents and ask you some personal questions. To which your friends will have to answer, and you will given a receipt after your registration is complete. Within a few hours, you will receive a confirmation message within which you will be told whether you can benefit from this program or not.

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    Distribution Process

    The process of distribution in the 3rd phase of the Naghban Ramadan relief package is going on. It is very easy to benefit from it, Maryam Nawaz said that to benefit from other government aid programs, people have to stand in lines and wait for hours.

    Many unpleasant incidents happen due to crowding of people, to save people from this problem. The process of distribution for the Nighaban Ramadan relief package has remained different from other programs.

    In this program, more and more aid distribution centers have been established, so that people can access aid easily. Maryam Nawaz said that the hampers of the Ramadan relief package will delivered to people at their doorsteps. Which means that aid distribution centers will established at the neighborhood level. He fulfilled his promise and carried out the process of delivering ration. The people at their homes in the best way.

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