Wed. May 29th, 2024
    Punjab Govt Announced New Nighbaan Relief Program

    Nighbaan Relief Program

    Under the supervision relief program, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz said that all people have equal rights, so I will supervise the distribution myself and will deliver their rights to all people. I will personally pick up and answer the calls of the complainants so that they can express their needs and get help from this relief program. Maryam Nawaz touched the hearts of the poor and said that we are servants of the people, so we do not want to take advantage of the chair.

    Maryam Nawaz said that we do not have enough time to assist the poor sections and they lose their lives while facing extreme difficulties.

    In his speech, he said that the holy month of Ramadan is not far away, so let us give good news to the poor under this holy month. The good news is that the government of Pakistan provides Nigehbaan relief to the most needy people. The package is being delivered. Under which their needs will be fulfilled.

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    Eligibility Criteria in Nighbaan Relief Program

    Maryam Nawaz has said that within three months, a survey of the people of the entire Punjab should be completed, to find out which people need the most help. This program is being launched in the holy month of Ramadan, through which deserving people will be able to get ration.

    As per the rest of the aid programs, the daughter of Nawaz has also set the eligibility criteria in this relief package so that only the deserving ones get aid.

    • Therefore, Maryam Nawaz says that people whose monthly income is 60,000 or less are eligible for this program.
    • People who are living below the poverty line or slightly above it can get ration from this program.
    • Those who are extremely vulnerable are unable to purchase their necessities.
    • Individuals who are unemployed, and have no source of income, will be eligible for the Nighbaan relief program.

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    Objectives of the Nighbaan Relief Package

    Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz while giving the good news of the Nighebaan relief package said that we should deliver all the things to our loved ones, which they are in dire need of and they are suffering from serious problems due to financial difficulties. Due to the increasing inflation and the prayers of the most vulnerable sections, the initiation of this program has been deemed necessary. 

    That is why Maryam Nawaz, understanding the pain of her loved ones, has created a ray of hope for the poor sections by starting this program. Many people are still struggling with very serious problems and under this package they will be provided with rations to meet their needs, so that they can at least spend the holy month of Ramadan better.

    نواز شریف کی صاحبزادی مریم نواز نے نگہبان ریلیف پیکج کی خوشخبری سناتے ہوئے کہا کہ ہمیں اپنے پیاروں تک وہ تمام چیزیں پہنچانی چاہئیں جن کی انہیں اشد ضرورت ہے اور وہ مالی مشکلات کے باعث شدید مشکلات کا شکار ہیں۔ بڑھتی ہوئی مہنگائی اور انتہائی کمزور طبقوں کی دعاؤں کے پیش نظر اس پروگرام کا آغاز ضروری سمجھا گیا ہے۔

    یہی وجہ ہے کہ بنت نواز نے اپنے پیاروں کے دکھ درد کو سمجھتے ہوئے یہ پروگرام شروع کرکے غریب طبقات کے لیے امید کی کرن پیدا کی ہے۔ بہت سے لوگ ایسے ہیں جو اب بھی انتہائی سنگین مسائل سے نبرد آزما ہیں اور اس پیکج کے تحت انہیں ان کی ضروریات پوری کرنے کے لیے راشن فراہم کیا جائے گا، تاکہ وہ کم از کم رمضان کا مقدس مہینہ بہتر انداز میں گزار سکیں۔

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    Benefits of the Nighbaan Relief Package

    Bint-e-Nawaz said that not only ration will be provided during Ramadan, but also after Ramadan, the items they need will be delivered to them. In this program, not only ration will be provided, but Maryam Nawaz says that the items of their needs will be delivered to their homes.

    From this relief package, about 65 to 70 lakh goods will be provided to poor sections for the Ramadan Nighaban package. These items will be delivered to the homes of those who cannot meet their needs.

    The purpose of delivering their necessities to their homes is to help people who are extremely destitute and cannot go on their own to get their supplies. Or women who are helpless to buy things should be delivered to their homes. So that they can use them as soon as possible to improve their lives.

    Bint-e-Nawaz said that often the poor sections stand in queues to provide ration or to buy other items and I feel very sad to see this.

    Understanding this suffering and saving the poor sections from long queues, Bint-e-Nawaz has decided to deliver the right of the rightful person to his home.

    Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz, leaving her politics behind and seeing the plight of the poor, appreciated that it is our first responsibility to deliver the rights of the entitled to their homes.

    It has been decided to set up cheap markets in Ramadan so that the poor sections can buy their necessities at cheap prices. Bint Nawaz said that I will start the meeting of price control communities from today so that the poor sections do not lose a rupee more than the fixed price.

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