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PM Laptop Scheme Again Started Online Registration

PM Laptop Scheme Again Started Online Registration

PM Laptop Scheme Again Started Online Registration. The young generation is a valuable asset to any country. Pakistan is a fortunate country in the sense that most of its population consists of youth. The government of Pakistan takes various measures to provide education, skills, and employment opportunities to the youth. The laptop scheme was launched by the government of Pakistan and funds of crores of rupees were allocated to distribute the latest laptops to over one lakh students in Pakistan. PM’s Laptop Scheme was started in 2013 by the Honorable Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. 

So far the latest laptops have been distributed to more than 5 million students. Mr. Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif, the Labor Chief Minister of Pakistan’s largest province,  when was in power the PM’s Laptop Scheme re-launched. Its budget was expanded so that more students could benefit from it. Prime Minister’s laptop scheme will enable the youth to get a smart education.

Due to the increasing inflation day by day, the prices of laptops have reached the sky. Buying a new laptop has become a dream for students. To fulfill his dream, the PM’s Laptop Scheme re-launched. From this meritorious students will be able to get the latest laptops. The newly elected Chief Minister of Punjab, Mrs. Maryam Nawaz Sahib, the PM’s Laptop Scheme re-launched, as soon as she came to power.

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Eligibility Criteria for PM Laptop Scheme

Eligibility criteria in PM’s laptop scheme have been kept very short.

  • Students must have their valid National Identity Card
  • If their identity card has expired, they will not be eligible and their application will be rejected.
  • Students must be enrolled in eligible universities for registration.
  • Students of approved private universities will also be eligible for this scheme.
  • Only distance education institutions have been declared ineligible in this scheme.
  • Students belonging to distance education institutions are also not eligible to benefit from this program.
  • Students must be enrolled in an eligible university at the time of registration.
  • Students must register before the last date, applications submitted after the last date will be rejected.

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نوجوان نسل کسی بھی ملک کا قیمتی اثاثہ ہوتی ہے۔ پاکستان اس لحاظ سے ایک خوش قسمت ملک ہے کہ اس کی زیادہ تر آبادی نوجوانوں پر مشتمل ہے۔ حکومت پاکستان نوجوانوں کو تعلیم، ہنر اور روزگار کے مواقع فراہم کرنے کے لیے مختلف اقدامات کرتی ہے۔ لیپ ٹاپ سکیم حکومت پاکستان کی طرف سے شروع کی گئی تھی اور پاکستان میں ایک لاکھ سے زائد طلباء کو جدید ترین لیپ ٹاپ تقسیم کرنے کے لیے کروڑوں روپے کے فنڈز مختص کیے گئے تھے۔ وزیراعظم کی لیپ ٹاپ سکیم 2013 میں محترم میاں محمد نواز شریف نے شروع کی تھی۔

اب تک 50 لاکھ سے زائد طلباء میں جدید ترین لیپ ٹاپ تقسیم کیے جا چکے ہیں۔ پاکستان کے سب سے بڑے صوبے کے سابق وزیر اعلیٰ جناب میاں محمد شہباز شریف جب اقتدار میں تھے تو وزیر اعظم کی لیپ ٹاپ سکیم کا دوبارہ آغاز ہوا۔ اس کے بجٹ میں توسیع کی گئی تاکہ زیادہ سے زیادہ طلبہ اس سے مستفید ہو سکیں۔ وزیراعظم کی لیپ ٹاپ اسکیم نوجوانوں کو سمارٹ تعلیم حاصل کرنے کے قابل بنائے گی۔

  روز بروز بڑھتی مہنگائی کے باعث لیپ ٹاپ کی قیمتیں آسمان پر پہنچ گئی ہیں۔ طلباء کے لیے نیا لیپ ٹاپ خریدنا ایک خواب بن گیا ہے۔ اپنے خواب کو پورا کرنے کے لیے  وزیر اعظم کی لیپ ٹاپ سکیم دوبارہ شروع کی گئی ہے۔ اس سے ہونہار طلباء جدید ترین لیپ ٹاپ حاصل کر سکیں گے۔ نومنتخب وزیر اعلیٰ پنجاب محترمہ مریم نواز صاحبہ نے اقتدار میں آتے ہی پی ایم لیپ ٹاپ سکیم کا دوبارہ آغاز کر دیا۔

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Apply for the PM’s Laptop Scheme

The big problem for students who want to get a laptop from the Prime Minister’s laptop scheme is how to apply for this game. To apply for the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme, go to his official website, and click on Apply Now. A form will open in front of you, enter your National Identity Card number in the designated space without a dash, and click on the submit button. 

As soon as you click on the submit button, the instruction page will open in front of you. Read the instructions carefully. After that, you click on the Accept & Continue button. As soon as you click, another form will open in front of you. Apply Online for PM Laptop Scheme, Laptops are now being provided to all students by Govt.

This form has to be filled with all your personal information (your name and date of birth and your correct address). Remember that you have to add all your original information to it because all your information will be rechecked at the time of distribution of the laptop. In case of provide the wrong information, you will not be issued the laptop.

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Eligible Universities of the Laptops Scheme

These laptops will be distributed among the students based on merit. Laptops will be provided to deserving students of eligible universities. Showing interest in digital skills, Maryam Nawaz is planning skills development programs at the government level. 

This scheme will create awareness among the students about the development of information technology. Students will be able to run any software easily with these laptops. Around 114 universities across the country have been declared eligible for the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme.

  • Bahria University Islamabad
  • International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women’s University, Peshawar
  • National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad
  • Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan
  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women’s University, Peshawar
  • Sindh Institute of Business Administration, Karachi
  • Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology, Khuzdar
  • The University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad
  • 34 GB Karakoram International University, Gilgit-Baltistan

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