Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    New Eligibility Criteria for Punjab Electric Bikes Scheme

    Punjab Electric Bikes Scheme

    New eligibility criteria have been set for the Punjab Electric Bikes Scheme. Government of Pakistan Punjab Electric Bikes have provided bikes with easy options to the eligible students. After completing their registration, the students will get the bikes after their registration in the electric bike scheme. 

    These electric bikes have been provided to many eligible students with easy options and distribution of these bikes is still going on. People who are not able to register for the electric bike scheme from their nearest center will now be able to join the bike scheme after completing their registration by applying online at home.

    Registration of Punjab Electric Bike Scheme has started, Government of Pakistan has started electric bikes scheme for low income students to complete their education. Students who are not able to complete their education due to distance from schools, colleges or cannot get ride due to low income.

    Now they have included in the bike scheme with easy options, through this bikes scheme students will get electric motorbikes on easy installments. It has announced to provide not only electric but also petrol motorbikes. Many students across Punjab have applied for this scheme and the registration of this scheme is still going on.

    BISP Staff Ready For Registration Of Beneficiaries

    پنجاب الیکٹرک بائیکس سکیم

    پنجاب الیکٹرک بائیک سکیم کے لیے اہلیت کا نیا معیار مقرر کر دیا گیا ہے۔ حکومت پاکستان پنجاب الیکٹرک بائیکس نے اہل طلباء کو بائک آسان اختیارات فراہم کیے ہیں۔ اپنی رجسٹریشن مکمل کرنے کے بعد، طلباء کو الیکٹرک بائیک اسکیم میں رجسٹریشن کے بعد بائک مل جائیں گی۔

    یہ الیکٹرک بائک بہت سے اہل طلباء کو آسان آپشنز کے ساتھ فراہم کی گئی ہیں اور ان بائک کی تقسیم کا عمل ابھی جاری ہے۔ جو لوگ اپنے قریبی مرکز سے الیکٹرک بائیک اسکیم کے لیے رجسٹریشن نہیں کروا پا رہے ہیں وہ اب گھر بیٹھے آن لائن درخواست دے کر اپنا رجسٹریشن مکمل کرنے کے بعد بائیک اسکیم میں شامل ہو سکیں گے۔

    پنجاب الیکٹرک بائیک سکیم کی رجسٹریشن شروع کر دی گئی، حکومت پاکستان نے کم آمدنی والے طلباء کے لیے اپنی تعلیم مکمل کرنے کے لیے الیکٹرک بائیک سکیم شروع کر دی ہے۔ وہ طلباء جو اسکولوں، کالجوں سے دوری کی وجہ سے اپنی تعلیم مکمل نہیں کر پاتے یا کم آمدنی کی وجہ سے سواری حاصل نہیں کر پاتے۔

    اب انہیں آسان آپشنز کے ساتھ بائیک سکیم میں شامل کر لیا گیا ہے، اس بائیکس سکیم کے ذریعے طلباء کو آسان اقساط پر الیکٹرک موٹر بائیکس ملیں گی۔ نہ صرف الیکٹرک بلکہ پیٹرول والی موٹر سائیکلیں بھی فراہم کرنے کا اعلان کیا گیا ہے۔ اس اسکیم کے لیے پنجاب بھر میں بہت سے طلبہ نے درخواستیں دی ہیں اور اس اسکیم کی رجسٹریشن ابھی جاری ہے۔

    The Double Installment Of Education Scholarships Has Started

    Easy options for eligible students

    Eligible students will included in the electric bike scheme. Therefore, only those students who have confirmed their eligibility will be provided bikes on easy options. The registration has started by the Government of Pakistan, after completing the eligibility verification process, students can use their keypad mobile phone and then smart phone to check the eligibility of Electric Bikes Key Scheme. .

    Government of Pakistan has introduced helpline number for electric bikes scheme. You will be able to verify your eligibility through this 8171 code. But students will verify their eligibility by submitting their ID card number to this helpline. Students must be above 18 years of age and only students with ID card will be provided electric bikes with easy options in the scheme.

    IMF’s Decision To Provide 10 Crore BISP Assistance

    Registration Of Students In Electric Bikes Scheme Has Started

    Registration of students in Electric Max has started. This registration will completed with few documents required for registration. For registration, students will register from BISP Center, Bike Scheme Center or Nadra Center. If unable to go to the center, then one can apply registration online through smart phone sitting at home. You will go for registration with all your original documents for your registration.

    Apply Online For Electric Bike Scheme

    Online registration has started in the electric bike scheme. The students who are facing problems in registering from the nearby Nadra Center, are now being registered in the program through the online method.

    Internet and smart phone facility is mandatory for online registration. You will fill the form given on the website of the electric motorbike scheme through your smart phone. The electric bikes will added to them only if they submit the registration form with all their correct information.