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    How To Recognize BISP-Related Messages To Avoid Scammers

    Recognize BISP-Related Messages

    You must remember BISP helpline number 8171 to Recognize BISP-Related Messages. Because the Benazir Income Support Program sends its correct messages to the people from this number. People contacting any other numbers related to BISP are fake. These people are fraudsters in the name of BISP. If you receive BISP-related messages from any number other than 8171. So you don’t need to think about it at all, these messages are fake. To stay safe from fraudsters, you need to remember a few things. First of all, you will always remember BISP helpline number 8171. 

    Apart from this, you should know the toll-free number of BISP. On which you can register complaints related to BISP. If you have not registered yourself in BISP through a dynamic survey, then you will not benefit in any case. Those claiming to assist without registration are fraudsters. This program does not assist beneficiaries without registration. After registration, people’s eligibility will assessed, and 35 or fewer poverty-stricken people will included in the program. Selected persons will benefit from all government assistance programs.

    Ehsaas BISP Program Eligibility Criteria Have Increased

    Fake Messeges Of BISP

    There are a few things you should keep in mind to be safe from BISP-related fake messages. The fake messages claim people that their scholarships have been approved. Contact instructions will given to them for money transfers. A fee is required from people to join the program. People will threatened with expulsion from the program if they do not pay the fee.

    If you also receive the same messages, then you do not need to believe them. Such people are fraudsters who make fools of innocent people and steal money.

    Modern Call Centre Service For All Pakistani Comunity in BISP

    BISP سے متعلقہ پیغامات کو پہچانیں۔

    BISP سے متعلق پیغامات کو پہچاننے کے لیے آپ کو BISP کا ہیلپ لائن نمبر 8171 یاد رکھنا چاہیے۔ کیونکہ بے نظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام اس نمبر سے لوگوں کو اپنے درست پیغامات بھیجتا ہے۔ بی آئی ایس پی سے متعلق کسی دوسرے نمبر پر رابطہ کرنے والے لوگ جعلی ہیں۔ یہ لوگ بی آئی ایس پی کے نام پر دھوکہ باز ہیں۔ اگر آپ کو 8171 کے علاوہ کسی بھی نمبر سے BISP سے متعلق پیغامات موصول ہوتے ہیں۔ تو آپ کو اس کے بارے میں سوچنے کی ضرورت نہیں ہے، یہ پیغامات جعلی ہیں۔ دھوکہ بازوں سے محفوظ رہنے کے لیے، آپ کو چند باتیں یاد رکھنے کی ضرورت ہے۔ سب سے پہلے، آپ کو BISP کا ہیلپ لائن نمبر 8171 ہمیشہ یاد رہے گا۔

    اس کے علاوہ، آپ کو BISP کا ٹول فری نمبر معلوم ہونا چاہیے۔ جس پر آپ بی آئی ایس پی سے متعلق شکایات درج کر سکتے ہیں۔ اگر آپ نے متحرک سروے کے ذریعے خود کو BISP میں رجسٹر نہیں کرایا ہے، تو آپ کو کسی بھی صورت میں کوئی فائدہ نہیں ہوگا۔ رجسٹریشن کے بغیر مدد کرنے کا دعوی کرنے والے دھوکہ باز ہیں۔ یہ پروگرام رجسٹریشن کے بغیر فائدہ اٹھانے والوں کی مدد نہیں کرتا ہے۔ رجسٹریشن کے بعد، لوگوں کی اہلیت کا اندازہ لگایا جاتا ہے، اور 35 یا اس سے کم غربت کے شکار افراد کو پروگرام میں شامل کیا جاتا ہے۔ منتخب افراد تمام سرکاری امدادی پروگراموں سے مستفید ہوتے ہیں۔

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    Helpline Number Of BISP

    You should remember the helpline number of BISP to stay safe from fraudsters and fraudsters. Contacting this number is very easy for anyone. People can register complaints by contacting this number at any time. BISP call service is available 24 hours a day. You can contact this number through your Android or keypad mobile. Dial this helpline number 0080026477 from your mobile and register your complaint if the connection will restored. The representatives present in the control room of BISP will listen to your complaints carefully. 

    After verification of your complaints, steps will taken for immediate redressal if proven correct. If you don’t want to register complaints online, you can visit the nearest BISP tehsil office. And you can register your complaint by hand.

    BISP Sets Eligibility Criteria For Ineligible Candidates

    BISP Grant Amount

    10500 quarterly instalment of BISP has been released for the current month. The deserving and poor people are receiving through the nearby campus. BISP assistance money can be received through ATM. People must have a valid National Identity Card to receive money in any way. People whose National Identity Card has expired will not be able to receive the aid amount. To receive the money, they have to get their valid National Identity Card renewed from NADRA. 

    Their correct National Identity Card number will entered on the BISP device and the required amount will provided after fingerprinting. The amount is deducted if they do not receive the full amount. Complaints can lodged against the deductor. People can register their complaints online or visit the BISP office at home.