Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    Relaunch Of Ehsaas Bahimmat Buzurg Program For Vulnerable

    Relaunch Of Ehsaas Bahimmat Buzurg Program

    The Government of Pakistan has launched the Relaunch Of Ehsaas Bahimmat Buzurg Program for the elderly across Punjab. It has been announced to provide guidance payment of 2000 per month to senior citizens who are more than 65 years of age or are very frail.

    Many elderly people cannot meet their needs due to unemployment. These senior citizens will now get special assistance from the government.

    Many elderly people are worried due to unemployment, the government will now help these vulnerable sections through the Ehsaas Ba Humat Senior Program. Individuals who are eligible for the Bahamas Senior Program will receive a monthly payment of 2000.

    Standards have been set by the government for Ehsaas Bahamat Senior Program. Ehsaas Bahamat Senior Citizens Program has been started by the Government of Pakistan to assist very poor senior citizens.

    In the program, a monthly payment of 2,000 is provided to the poverty-stricken and very elderly people. Senior citizens get payment after completing registration in this program.

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    Relaunch Of Ehsaas Bahimmat Buzurg Program For Vulnerable

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    Bahimmat Buzurg Set The Standard

    The government of Pakistan has announced to assist only eligible senior citizens. Those seniors who are concerned about paying for the needy program are now eligible for the program.

    • Very frail people
    • People suffering from poverty
    • Those who have no source of income who are deprived of payment despite extreme hardship
    • Seniors who are ineligible for the program
    • Elderly people are worried about being unemployed

    Monthly Grant To Individuals Joining

    On joining the Ehsaas-e-Hemat Senior Program, senior citizens receive quarterly payments and monthly payments. The elderly people cannot meet their needs due to difficulties and are extremely unemployed.

    It has been announced give special assistance to senior citizens in Ehsaas Bahamat Senior Program, senior citizens will get a monthly payment of 2000 per month. But this payment will be received once their registration process is complete.

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    Join The Bahimmat Buzurg Program

    Eligible Farads will get paid soon after joining the Ehsaas Bahamat Senior Program. The program was launched specifically to assist senior citizens, eligible persons receive a monthly payment of Rs.200.

    Senior citizens will be eligible for payment only after registration in the program. So if you are worried about the payment, get your registration now with your nearest sitter.

    Senior citizens should register with their identity card and original documents after completing their registration.

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    Ehsaas Bahimmat Buzurg Card

    Ehsaas Bahamat Card has been issued by Ehsaas Bahamat Senior Program. Many senior citizens will get full payment after getting this card. Those who are worried about payment will get the program payment soon.

    Ehsaas Bahamat Senior Program aims to provide facilities to people facing very serious problems by providing payment. People who are facing difficulties are to be helped by providing money from this assistance program.

    With the issuance of the Ehsaas Bahamat Card, many elderly people have received health services. Through this card, senior citizens get free treatment or use this card for any issue. This is a special program, only for the assistance of senior citizens.