Mon. May 27th, 2024
    Roshan Ghrana Scheme For Electricity Consumers With 100 Units

    Roshan Ghrana Scheme

    The Roshan Ghrana Scheme is one of the important initiatives of Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz. It aims to provide solar systems to poor people across Punjab who consume less than 100 units of electricity per month. This Scheme is specially designed for poor users.

    Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz announced that this solar system will be provided to around 50,000 less electricity-consuming households across Punjab. This program will usher in a new era in the country through which everyone will be able to lead a peaceful life.

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    Items of The Roshan Ghrana Scheme

    Under the Roshan Ghrana scheme, two solar panels, batteries, an inverter, and a set of wiring will be provided to those eligible. 50 thousand people will be benefited in the initial phase of this scheme. If the number of applicants is more than 50 thousand, a lottery will be held, and the people who join through the lottery will be provided with this solar system.

    Fans, LED lights, small motors, and other devices can be used through this solar system. The aim of starting this scheme is to meet the electricity needs. Backup power will be ensured for 16 hours from the batteries of this solar system.

    Under this scheme, the solar system and its equipment will be guaranteed five years. One of the main objectives of this scheme is to reduce the burden of electricity costs and promote natural methods of electricity generation.

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    روشن گھرانہ اسکیم کے تحت اہل افراد کو دو سولر پینل، بیٹریاں، ایک انورٹر اور وائرنگ کا ایک سیٹ فراہم کیا جائے گا۔ اس اسکیم کے ابتدائی مرحلے میں 50 ہزار افراد مستفید ہوں گے۔ درخواست گزاروں کی تعداد 50 ہزار سے زیادہ ہونے کی صورت میں قرعہ اندازی کی جائے گی اور قرعہ اندازی کے ذریعے شامل ہونے والے افراد کو یہ سولر سسٹم فراہم کیا جائے گا۔

    اس سولر سسٹم کے ذریعے پنکھے، ایل ای ڈی لائٹس، چھوٹی موٹریں اور دیگر آلات استعمال کیے جاسکتے ہیں۔ اس اسکیم کو شروع کرنے کا مقصد بجلی کی ضروریات کو پورا کرنا ہے۔ اس سولر سسٹم کی بیٹریوں سے 16 گھنٹے تک بیک اپ پاور کو یقینی بنایا جائے گا۔ اس اسکیم کے تحت سولر سسٹم اور اس کے آلات کی پانچ سال کی گارنٹی دی جائے گی۔ اس اسکیم کا ایک بنیادی مقصد بجلی کی لاگت کے بوجھ کو کم کرنا اور بجلی پیدا کرنے کے قدرتی طریقوں کو فروغ دینا ہے۔

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    Eligibility For The Roshan Gharana Scheme

    The eligibility criteria in the Roshan Ghrana scheme have been kept very narrow.

    • To be eligible for this scheme, the applicant must be a citizen of Pakistan.
    • The current address on the applicant’s National Identity Card should be related to any city in Punjab. Those residing outside Punjab will not be included in this scheme.
    • The applicant must be a resident of Pakistan, those residing abroad will be ineligible for this scheme.
    • The applicant’s monthly electricity bill record must be 100 units or less.

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    How To Apply For The Roshan Ghrana Scheme

    Online registration for acquiring solar systems through the Roshan Ghrana Scheme is an easy process.

    • To register online for the Roshan Ghrana scheme, please visit the official website of the scheme. 
    • After logging in, click on the “Apply Now” button. 
    • An application form will open in front of you, which you have to fill in with all your required details. Which will include your National Identity Card number, phone number, current electricity bill consumption, and information about the solar system. 
    • After entering all the information you will submit this form.
    • Before applying, review the application once, and after confirming the accuracy, click on the “Submit” button and your application has been submitted. After qualifying in this scheme, you will be notified of the number provided by you, and in case of eligibility, your name will be included in the draw.