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    Do If You Receive An SMS From A Number Other Than 8171

    SMS From A Number Other Than 8171

    What should you do if you receive an SMS From A Number Other Than 8171? Messages received from any helpline other than 8171 are false and fake. These messages are often used to track information. To avoid wrong messages from BISP, you should not reply to the received messages or visit for payment.

    The messages received by BISP originate from 8171. Also do not ignore the messages received from any helpline, file a complaint with BISP and get your issue resolved.

    If you receive SMS from Helpline then you have to confirm whether the SMS is from BISP or not. If you can’t figure it out, remember that the government receives 8171 for the BISP program. Apart from receiving the payment SMS from any other helpline, you can lodge a complaint with your nearest complaint center and resolve your issue.

     In case of receiving the message, you should not reply to this message and file a complaint with BISP Complaint Center along with the same message.

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    Wrong Actions Of BISP

    You can contact your nearest Grievance Center to lodge a complaint with BISP. BISP Grievance Centers have opened in every district by the Government of Pakistan to resolve the issues. People face problems in the program and you will now visit the nearest complaint center with your documents and provide all your information to the representative to file your complaint.

    BISP Grievance Center

    To register a complaint in BISP you go to your nearest center with all your documents and register your complaints. On filling the complaint form you will be provided with your full payment or if your complaint is found to valid then your problem was resolved immediately.

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    BISP Payment Cheque

    If you want to check your BISP program payment and don’t know the procedure. So you can check your eligibility by calling helpline 8171 through your smart phone or keypad mobile. After entering your ID card number in a new message, you send it to the helpline. On confirmation of this number, you will know all your payment information via SMS.

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    Problems Presented In BISP

    The objective of the BISP program is to provide quarterly payments to the poor and deserving households. This program have paid by the Government of Pakistan to those who fulfill the prescribed conditions. So people who not able to get paid for the program or are disappointed if the registration fails. Government has opened BISP Grievance Center for them.

    • By which you can now solve your problems, following the problems presented in the VISP program:
    • Non-receipt of payment
    • Receiving less than the full amount
    • All payment information is incorrect
    •  Deduction from amount
    • Fees demanded during acquisition of funds
    • Registration failed
    • Repeated disqualification
    • Non-receipt of payment
    • And there are many other issues on which you can lodge a complaint with the center in your own way.