Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    Special Kisan Package Of CM Punjab Has Been Started

    Special Kisan Package of CM Punjab

    The agriculture sector plays an important role in the development of any country. The Special Kisan Package Of CM Punjab has started for the development of the agriculture sector. Best facilities will provided to the farmers under this package.

    By taking advantage of this, they will play their role in the country’s development by getting better soil production. Under the special Kisan package, loans will provided to farmers in easy installments. The best model agriculture machinery will also be provided to them. To speed up the work related to the agriculture. A solar system will also provided, which will help in dealing with irrigation problems.

    Apart from this, green tractor schemes, harvesters, agricultural implements, and oil seed promotion programs have also started for better facilities for the farmers. A budget of more than 400 billion rupees was allocated for the special farmer package. Maryam Nawaz said that if necessary, its budget can increased.

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    Punjab Green Tractor Scheme

    Ms Maryam Nawaz Sharif said that under the green tractors scheme, a subsidy of more than six lakh rupees will be provided to the farmers. Eligible farmers of Punjab will be able to get a 70% subsidy on small tractors and a 50% subsidy on big tractors.

    On the suggestion of Honorable Nawaz Sharif, the number of tractors under the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme has also been substantially increased. About one thousand more tractors will be distributed under this scheme. 

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    Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has promised that the first phase of the Green Tractor Scheme will be completed in one year. The number of tractors will increase every year to include more people in this scheme. Owners of land areas from about six acres to 50 acres will apply for the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme.

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    وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب کا خصوصی کسان پیکج

    زراعت کا شعبہ کسی بھی ملک کی ترقی میں اہم کردار ادا کرتا ہے۔ زراعت کے شعبے کی ترقی کے لیے وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب کا خصوصی کسان پیکج شروع ہو گیا ہے۔ اس پیکج کے تحت کسانوں کو بہترین سہولیات فراہم کی جائیں گی۔ اس سے فائدہ اٹھا کر مٹی کی بہتر پیداوار حاصل کرکے ملکی ترقی میں اپنا کردار ادا کریں گے۔

    خصوصی کسان پیکج کے تحت کسانوں کو آسان اقساط میں قرضے فراہم کیے جائیں گے۔ انہیں بہترین ماڈل زرعی مشینری بھی فراہم کی جائے گی۔ زراعت سے متعلق کام کو تیز کرنا۔ سولر سسٹم بھی فراہم کیا جائے گا جس سے آبپاشی کے مسائل سے نمٹنے میں مدد ملے گی۔

    اس کے علاوہ کسانوں کے لیے بہتر سہولیات کے لیے گرین ٹریکٹر سکیم، ہارویسٹر، زرعی آلات اور تیل کے بیجوں کے فروغ کے پروگرام بھی شروع کیے گئے ہیں۔ خصوصی کسان پیکج کے لیے 400 ارب روپے سے زائد کا بجٹ مختص کیا گیا ہے۔ مریم نواز نے کہا کہ اگر ضرورت پڑی تو اس کا بجٹ بڑھ سکتا ہے۔

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    Chief Minister Kisan Card

    Punjab Ali Wazir has issued a special Kisan card for farmers. Easy loans will be provided to farmers under a special Kisan Card. Farmers have to register to get Kisan cards. After registration, they will issued a farmer’s card from the district tehsil office. After the acquisition, they will benefit from its best services. This Kisan Card improves the relationship between farmers and the government through a digital system.

    Kisan Card aims to provide agricultural subsidies to farmers transparently and efficiently. So that their annual land production and income can increase.

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    Conversion Of Tubewell To Solar Energy

    The Punjab government has planned to provide solar systems to farmers to solve their irrigation problems. A budget of 12 billion rupees will fixed to convert farmers to tubewell solar energy. Maryam Nawaz said that in the initial phase of the solar system, around seven thousand tube bulls powered by electricity will transferred to solar energy. The farmers who will get electricity connections will included in the scheme. 

    The maximum depth of 60 feet will fixed by the Government of Punjab for the installation of the solar system. The supply of solar systems will significantly increase the production of electricity. Farmers will now have access to a cheap irrigation system, which will enable them to increase land production.