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    Eligible Women Without ID Card Get Payment Of Nashonuma

    Without ID Card Get Payment For Nashonuma

    Eligible Women Without ID Card Get Payment Of Nashonuma Program. Women must be registered in the program to receive Nishwa Nama payments without an ID card. Women will be eligible after completing registration in the program. Dynamic registration for the UP program has been started. Women who are not yet registered in the program will receive payment in the development program on dynamic registration from their nearest Nadra centre. 

    For this program, the government of Pakistan has decided to provide payment of 2000 on the birth of a boy and 2500 on the birth of a girl. Eligible women will receive this payment after three months. 

    The government has decided to provide payment every three months to women who have completed their registration for the development programme. Eligible women will receive payment on verification of their identity card number from their nearest camp side. But even if they don’t have ID card numbers they will be paid. 

    They are deprived of payment due to a lack of female identity cards, so now they will be provided payment of the program after verifying their fingerprints in the program. Eligible women under the BISP Development Program will now easily get their payment.

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    Beneficiary Women In The Nashonuma program

    Assistance will be provided to deserving women for BISP Development Programme. The Government of Pakistan has set the eligibility criteria for the program, those who meet this criteria will be registered in the program. Women of BISP Development Program have been declared eligible.

    • Whose monthly income is very low
    • People who belong to the poor
    • And because of his treatment, he is not able to meet his needs

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    Dynamic Registration NADRA For The Program 

    Beneficiary women in the development program will get quarterly payments on registration. Dynamic registration for the program is being done through NADRA. The women who cannot do their registration online, now the government has announced to register them through NADRA. Upon completion, women will be registered in the program.

    For dynamic registration in the Nishwanma program women should complete all their documents and visit their nearest BISP Nishwanma center. Women will go to their nearest registration centre with their ID card issued by NADRA, vaccination card for children, bay form and other documents. The representative will issue you a registration form, in this registration you have to enter all your correct information.

    After submitting this form back, women will be eligible for development program payments.

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    Attested Necessary Documents

    Women will be registered in the program on verification of the documents required in the BISP Development Up Programme. Women along with all their attested documents the government has specified the following documents for registration which are considered very important during registration:

    •  Children’s Bay Form issued by Nadra
    • Immunization card
    • Women’s Identity Card
    • Electricity bill

     and will visit for registration along with other necessary documents.

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