Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
    Commencement Of Zawar Taleem Program For Female Students

    Zawar Taleem Program

    Commencement Of Zawar Taleem Program For Female Students has been started by the Chief Minister. In this program, students who are not able to meet their needs and are deprived of education due to difficulties. Now they are being assisted in the Zeawar Education Programme, a program launched especially for female students.

    Maryam Nawaz Sahiba has decided to provide assistance to the students facing difficulties in the education program. The government has now provided aid for students who are unable to buy their essential items and are not able to get an education due to difficulties. The Chief Minister has announced to give special assistance to the female students. The students will receive their education, and after completing the registration, they will get the payment for the program. 

    The complete registration process is mentioned in the program, after verification of eligibility, those who fulfill the criteria will be able to be a part of the Zawar Education program after registration.

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    Eligible students in Zawar Taleem Program

    Assistance is being provided by the Chief Minister after the complete registration of the students in the education program. The eligibility criteria for the students have been set by the Government of Pakistan. The students who meet this criteria will get assistance in the Zeawar education program. After checking the eligibility criteria you will be entitled to get the education program payment on completing your registration.

    • Students belonging to poor class
    • Girls who have no family to support them
    • Students from poor families
    • Those who are deprived of education due to lack of resources
    • Those who cannot bear their expenses
    • Those who are deprived of education due to lack of education expenses

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    Full Registration Of Female Students In Zawar Taleem Program

    Students will follow some necessary steps for registration of the Zeawar education program. In case the poverty score is not met, the students will update their information so that they can complete their registration with the latest information. After receiving your documents and your updated information, visit your nearest Nadra Center and submit all the details to join the Zeewar Shikhar program.

    A representative for the registration of the Zawar Education Program will verify your documents. Upon completion of the verification process, you will be registered in the Zeewar Education Program by filling the registration form. Students will visit the helpline or receive payment SMS to receive payment.

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    Easy Eligibility Verification Process

    A helpline number has been provided by the Government of Pakistan for eligibility verification. The government has now decided to provide eligibility information to those who are not able to verify their eligibility in the Zawar Education Program after going through a simple process. It is mandatory to have Bay Form number to verify the eligibility, students who do not have ID cards can check their eligibility through their Bay Form number. 

    You will write your ID card number or bay form number on the helpline and send it. The representative for registration of the Zeawar Shikharan program will provide you with the eligibility information via SMS immediately after verification.