Mon. May 27th, 2024
    Check BISP Program Online Registration by ID Card 2024

    8070 Web Portal

    The 8070 web portal has been restarted by the Government of Pakistan all over Pakistan. This free package of 8070 web portal has been started by the government of Pakistan for the poor people. So these poor people take their 10 kilos of free flour from here and correct their bad conditions at home. The Government of Pakistan is introducing new eligibility verification procedures so that eligible people can verify their eligibility.

    This free flour scheme was started by the government of Pakistan in the month of Ramadan. The purpose of the government of Pakistan to start this program was to provide flour to the very poor people in the country for free so that they could overcome their bad domestic conditions through this flour. Register for this program and get free.

    It is very important to register your people in this free flour scheme. After registration, you must also be eligible for this 70-80 Free Ita Scheme. This free atta scheme has provided free atta to 10 crore people. We request you to register for this program as soon as possible. And get a free atta with this free package.

    Viewers The above-given portal is the portal to check eligibility. With the help of this portal, you can check your eligibility for the Ehsaas Ration Program. And can also get support money for family support.

    8070 Atta Scheme Relaunched New Update

    The Punjab government has announced to start 8070 free Atta scheme as a special Ramadan package. The main objective of the 8070 Ramadan Relief Package is to protect the deserving and poor people of Punjab from the negative effects of drought. Because due to the increase in consumption, the purchase of flour has become beyond the reach of the poor. 

    By benefiting from Nigehabaan Atta Scheme 8070, poor people will also be able to decorate their tables during Sehr and Iftar. You can easily check your eligibility for the 8070 Atta Scheme 2024 by visiting the official website of this package and the 8070 portal.

    How To Apply For Free Atta 8070 Check Online 2024 Scheme

    Poor people can apply for online registration for this 8070 Free IT Scheme. Apart from this, you can also check your online eligibility in this cheap, easy, and free package. For this free package, you must have your CNIC number with Up. Apart from this, your registered mobile should also be with you.

    In which you have to send an SMS to 8070. After that, you will get all the information about your eligibility and registration and get free ATTA in a reply SMS to 8070 within 24 hours. This ATA scheme will be provided in the month of Ramadan till its last date. After that, this package will be finished.

    You can get your registration done in the ATTA scheme easily. The government of Pakistan has introduced a portal for the registration of poor people in the ATA scheme. You have been given that portal below. In this portal, you can check your ATA scheme registration.

    8070 Online Registration 2023

    The government of Pakistan has started online registration of 70-80 free flour schemes only for poor people. The government of Pakistan has launched the official web portal of this 8070 Online Registration 2023.

    Poor people can easily get ATA Scheme 2023 in 30 days of Ramadan. The Chief Minister of Punjab has issued instructions that those whose monthly income is less than 60,000 should be given a gift of free flour in a special Ramadan package. 

    To get this free ATTA, the government of Pakistan started 8070 online registration on March 15, 2023. So that poor people do not have any problem with registration. 8070 Get your registration now.

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    8070 Web Portal Has Been Started For Registration 2024

    8070 SMS

    Many people find it difficult to verify eligibility due to their low literacy. Therefore, the government of Pakistan has given the procedure to verify eligibility through SMS as well, so that people can be allowed to verify their eligibility easily.

    You must have your CNS number to apply online for the free DATA scheme for poor people from the government of Pakistan. First of all, write your CNIC number on your registered mobile and send an SMS to 8070. 

    After sending an SMS you will receive a message from 8070 in some time in which you will be provided information about your registration and eligibility. You will be informed about the success or failure of your registration. 

    Apart from this, you can check your eligibility through SMS to 8070. 8070 and other information can be provided through SMS.

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    Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility criteria in Free Ita Scheme is Mandir Jazeel: After fulfilling this eligibility criteria you can get your registration done.

    • Whose monthly income is 2000
    • whose poverty scope is less than 25%
    • whose women are widows
    • No member of the poor families has a government job
    • None of the poor families have traveled abroad
    • Those who do not have a CNIC number

    8070 Web portal Check Online

    Poor people can also check their household eligibility online through 8070 web portal. To check the eligibility first you have to go to the official website of the government. 

    After going to the website, you have to click on this form. After clicking, you have to enter your CNIC i.e. National Identity Card number in the form. 

    Enter your full name. Enter the four-digit code given in the picture. Finally, click on the known option. After clicking, you will be informed about the eligibility of your family in detail.

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    Required Documents

    When you go to the Benazir Income Support Program office for registration, take the following documents with you for registration.

    • Your children have no form
    • Get your own CNIC ie National Identity Card
    • Your household electricity and gas bill
    • Certificate of disabled persons in your home
    • And your full address

    How to Register in 8070 Web Portal

    You can get registered in 8070 web portal i.e. free IT scheme from your nearest center or Benazir program office. The procedure is that first, you have to go to their office. After going to the office, you have to inform the representative of the Benazir Income Support Program about your registration.

    After that, he will receive all the information about your domestic situation from you. And your CNIC number will be taken from you. After that, he will collect all your data in a form. After that, he will tell you that after some time you will receive an SMS about your registration on 8070. 

    If you do not receive this SMS, you can contact us again with the representatives of the Benazir Income Support Program office. If you face any problem, you can also contact the helpline number.

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    Ehsaas Program Helpline Number

    Poor people can call the helpline number if they face any problem with the free flour scheme 8070. The helpline number established by the Government of Pakistan is 0800-02345.

    You can register all kinds of complaints to the Government of Pakistan on this number. So that the government of Pakistan will take action against these accused. And you can get your rights.

    FAQs about Atta Scheme 2024

    Q. Is there any app launched for a free atta scheme 2024?

    Yes, you can easily download the Ramadan Subsidy app from the Play Store to get a gift.

    Q. Is this Free atta scheme offered for everyone to get registered?

    Yes, the 8070 web portal is open for everyone to register at any time in the Free Ita Scheme. In which you can get your registration done.