Wed. May 29th, 2024
    Government has increased the Wazifa for Ehsaas Disabled Person

    Increased the Stipend for Disabled Persons to 7000

    The Government has Increased the Stipend for Ehsaas Disabled Persons. Like other aid programs in Pakistan, the Ehsaas Disabled Persons Program is also a major aid program of the Government of Pakistan. Which is specially designed for the disabled people of the society. By getting money under this program, they can meet their basic needs in life.

    This program aims to help disabled people lead independent lives so that they can meet their treatment and basic needs on their own instead of depending on others. This program has proved to be a ray of hope in the deprived lives of disabled people. By getting help, they will be able to live a better life.

    Intending to improve the quality of life of the disabled, the government of Pakistan has increased the monthly stipend for the disabled. The government of Pakistan is ensuring that they can get easy access to resources according to their needs through this program. This program is specially designed for people who are deprived of many things due to their disability, and it has become difficult for them to survive. Scholarships are also provided to disabled students under this program.

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    Eligibility Criteria For Ehsaas Disabled Persons

    Ehsaas Disabled Person Program Eligibility criteria are concise and simple.

    • To be eligible for the Ehsaas Disabled Person Program, the applicant must reside in Pakistan.
    • If the applicant is below 18 years of age, he/she must have a birth certificate issued by the government.
    • This program is designed for some areas of Pakistan, which include Punjab, Sindh, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
    • Applicants must have a poverty score of under 30 to qualify for the Disabled Persons Program.

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    Increase Payment In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    The government of Pakistan has fixed the aid amount of Rs. The continuous increase in poverty in the country has had many negative effects on the lives of the citizens of Pakistan such as the poor, the elderly, and the disabled. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has increased the BISP stipend to provide better living facilities to disabled persons.

    The new amount of stipend has fixed at Rs 7000 per quarter. So that they can easily fulfill their treatment and all other needs.

    Ramazan Subsidy Has Introduced Through Ehsaas Program

    احساس ڈسیبل پرسن پروگرام

    خیبرخواہ حکومت نے احساس ڈسیبل پرسن پروگرام کے ذریعے معذور افراد کو سہ ماہی وظائف فراہم کیے. جن سے انہیں اپنے طبی اخراجات اور روزمرہ کے اخراجات کو پورا کرنے میں مدد ملی ہے. زیادہ تر افراد جن کے پاس امدنی کا کوئی ذریعہ نہیں اور وہ اپنی ضروریات کو پورا کرنے کے لیے دوسروں پر انحصار کرتے ہیں اس پروگرامسے وظائف حاصل کر کے وہ ایک خود مختار زندگی گزارنے کے قبل حوے ہیں. اس پروگرام نے معذور افراد کی حوصلہ افزائی کی ہےکہ  وہ دیگر سرگرمیوں میں بھی حصہ لے سکتے ہیں.

    احساس ڈسیبل پرسن نے معذور افراد کو رقم دے کر ان کی غذائی کمی کو پورا کرنے کی کوشش کی ہے. مستقل وظائف وصول کر کے معذور افراد کی بہت سی پریشانیوں میں کمی ائی ہیں اور ان کی مجموعی صحت کو بہتر بنانے میں مدد ملی ہے. انہیں معاشرے میں ایک نارمل زندگی گزارنے میں مدد حاصل ہوئی ہے. معاشرے میں مساوی حقوق حاصل کر کے معزور افراد کی زندگی میں خوشیاں آئی ہیں. 

    How To Get Free Ration Through The Ehsaas Ration Program

    Online Registration For Ehsas Disable Person

    The government of Pakistan has launched the Ehsaas Disabled Person Program to help disabled persons. This program provides scholarships to disabled persons through grant funds. If you are one of those people who are unable to walk and use crutches to walk, then you can register yourself in this program and get help from the government of Pakistan. The process of online registration for this program is very easy. Just follow all the steps given below. Ehsaas disabled persons can register themselves in the program

    • First, go to the official website of the Ehsaas Disabled Person Program.
    • Find the form advertisement and fill it out.
    • This provides the disabled person’s name, parentage, date of birth, National Identity Card number, permanent address of residence, contact number, and all other information finally click on the “submit” button.
    • Your registration has been done.
    • If you don’t have internet access, or you don’t know how to use the internet. So you can get your registration through SMS. Type your national identity card number in the right message option of your mobile, and send it to the helpline number 8171 of the Ehsaas Disabled Person Program. You will informed about your eligibility and registration in this program.

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    Effects of Ehsaas Disabled Person Program

    • Quarterly scholarships were provided to disabled persons through the Ehsaas Disabled Person Program. Which has helped them to meet their medical expenses and daily expenses.
    • Most of the people who have no source of income and are dependent on others to meet their needs, get a scholarship from this program before they can lead an independent life.
    • This program has encouraged people with disabilities to participate in other activities.
    • Ehsaas Disabled Person has tried to meet the lack of food by giving money to disabled people.
    • By receiving permanent stipends, many problems of disabled people have reduced and their overall health has been helped to improve.
    • They have helped to live a normal life in the society.
    • By getting equal rights in society, there has been happiness in the lives of disabled people.

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