Mon. May 27th, 2024
    Ramazan Subsidy Has Been Introduced Through Ehsaas Program

    Ramazan Subsidy Has Been Introduced

    Ramazan Subsidy Has Been Introduced Like you used to get ration through the Ehsaas Ration Program earlier. But now you will also be given a Ramadan package through the Ehsaas Ration Program.

    You can easily be a part of this program and avail the assistance provided by the Government of Pakistan. 7.49 billion subsidy has also been given. You can easily get a Ramadan package by registering for this program.

    Good News! How to Get BISP Financial Aid Apply Now

    What Items Are Included in the Ramzan Relief Package?

    You will get sugar, ghee, flour, cooking oil, rice, pulses, dates, milk, besan drinks, and other Asia special discounts in the Ramadan relief package. And you should register yourself in this program and get all these Asia. And live happily in Ramadan.

    حکام کی طرف سے ایک نوٹیفکیشن جاری کیا گیا ہے۔ جس میں بتایا گیا ہے کہ رمضان سبسڈی میں وہ لوگ شامل ہیں جو بی ائی ایس پی اور احساس پروگرام میں رجسٹر تھے۔ وہ اس پروگرام کے ذریعے رمضان سبسڈی سے اسانی سے حاصل کر سکتے ہیں۔ اور یہ بھی کہا گیا ہے کہ باقی افراد جو کہ احساس پروگرام میں رجسٹر نہیں تھے، ان کو خصوصی رعایت دی جائے گی۔ اور وہ بھی رمضان سبسڈی کا بھرپور فائدہ اٹھائیں گے۔

    Eligibility for Ramzan Relief Package 2024

    A notification has been issued by the authorities. It is stated that the Ramadan subsidy includes those who were registered under the BISP and Ehsaas programs.

    They can easily get a Ramadan subsidy through this program. It has also been said that the rest of the people who were not registered in the Ehsaas program will be given a special discount. And they will also take full advantage of the Ramadan subsidy.

    PSPA Punjab Social Protection Authority Check Online Registration

    Ramzan date and time in Pakistan

    Muslims all over the world. including Pakistan, are gearing up to welcome the holy month of Ramadan Mubarak 2024. Astronomers have also predicted the dates for the start of Islamic months, experts have predicted.

    The first day of Ramadan 2024 will be on March 11, however, the final decision regarding the start of the holy month will be taken by the Central Royat Hilal Committee after the sighting of the moon. In other parts, of the world including, Pakistan.

    For the first time after 26 years, Ramadan is starting in the winter season. From which now everyone will be able to fast, which means that the time of day is shorter in winter and everyone can fast.

    New Registration from Ehsaas 8171 Registration Center

    Procedure for Registration in the BISP Program

    Those who will be eligible through registration in the BISP program will also be declared eligible for this program. Maryam Nawaz says they will also receive a Ramadan subsidy (free ration under the Nighaban Ramadan scheme). You may also want us to enroll you in the BISP program.

    So how can you register, we are telling you the procedure here. You can get your registration done like this and you will also be able to get a ration purchase subsidy from Ramadan subsidy. So you should read all the details given in this article carefully. You have to use the updated web portal for registration.

    You are informed about all the details and can easily register from the comfort of your home. And all kinds of problems can be solved from our website. If you want such new information then you should visit our website.

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