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    How To Register Online For The Ehsaas Sasta Petrol Program

    Ehsaas Sasta Petrol

    How To Register Online For The Ehsaas Sasta Petrol Program? The inflation rate in the country depends on the prices of petrol and diesel. Petrol and diesel are the lifeblood of machinery. Without fuel the engine becomes dead.

    Our government has started the Ehsaas Sasta Petrol 786 program online registration. The government of Pakistan has reduced the burden of fuel expenses by launching the Ehsaas Sasta Petrol Scheme. This scheme has been started so that people can benefit from it and make their journey easier.

    You can apply online to this scheme and get a subsidy of 2000 rupees on the purchase of petrol and diesel. Under the Ehsaas Sasta Petrol and Diesel program, about 80 lakh families registered under the Ehsaas Kafalat program have been given aid of Rs. 2000. Registered families under the Ehsaas Kafalat program have received more than four billion 88 lakh rupees. 

    The registered families of the Ehsaas Kafalat program who have yet to receive the assistance amount of 2 thousand rupees under the cheap petrol and diesel scheme can collect their money from the payment center of our partner banks. The government of Pakistan wants to provide an aid amount of 2000 rupees to middle-class people and motorcycle owners under this program. You will benefit from cheap petrol as per your eligibility.

    How To Register Online For The Ehsaas Sasta Petrol Program

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    Ehsaas Program 786 Online Registration

    Due to the high prices of petrol and diesel in the country, motorcycle owners, rickshaw drivers, school and college goers, and hawkers are suffering a lot. Ehsas sasta petrol sasta diesel scheme brings relief to these people.

    The government of Pakistan’s Ehsaas Sasa Petrol Program is an important step to provide subsidized petrol to the deserving.

    • Go to the official web portal of the Ehsaas Program and click on the “786 Programs” tab from the main menu. 
    • Select the Ehsaas Sasta Petrol program from the list of schemes. 
    • Please make sure to carefully read the program details and eligibility criteria to ensure that you understand the requirements and are eligible to participate.
    • If you are eligible for this program, click on the “Apply Now” button to proceed. 
    • Please Complete the application form by filling in all your details accurately.
    • But remember that you have to provide all your information correctly, providing wrong information can lead to legal action and you will miss out on getting assistance.
    • Enter all the required documents like your National Identity Card, and full address. 
    • After reviewing your application, submit it. 
    • After your application is submitted, a confirmation message will be sent by the Ahsas Program. 
    • After processing your application, you will be informed about the status of your application.

    The Government of Pakistan has launched the Ehsaas Sasta Petrol and Sasta Diesel program, also known as the Ehsaas 786 Program, to relieve people worried about increasing petrol prices every day.

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    Check Eligibility for the 786 Program

    If you want to apply for the Ehsaas program then you have to check your eligibility. Get rid of your misconception that apart from women who have no widow or married woman in their family, men of such families can also receive this amount. The government of Pakistan has allocated 28 billion rupees for 14 crore families. Eight million of the 14 million families are registered through the Ehsaas Kafalat program, and six million new families have been registered to receive petrol subsidies. 2000 per month will soon be available to those who complete their registration in the 786 program.

    The government is planning to assist you in saving money on your other purchases as well. They aim to improve the living standards of everyone and ensure that no family is left hungry or poor. If you meet the requirements, don’t hesitate – enroll now and begin saving money on fuel today!

    Eligibility Criteria

     Since this program started under the Ehsaas Kafalat program, its eligibility criteria are also the same.

    • Those families whose monthly household income is less than 3000.
    • In which there is no government employee in the family.
    • The families whose poverty score is less than 30.
    • A family headed by widows and without any easy source of income.
    • Those who are not benefiting from any other assistance program.
    • Only those families who do not have any valuable property registered in their name can be eligible for this program.

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    Apply For Sasta Petrol Sasta Diesel Scheme

    The government of Pakistan has announced to give a monthly subsidy of 2000 thousand rupees to middle-class people and motorcycle owners. According to the information, subsidies will also be given to women heads in this scheme. Due to the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel in Pakistan, this financial assistance is enough to meet the daily fuel requirement of the people who work in various shops and workshops.

    As an effort to overcome the current economic situation in the country, the 786 program has been designed to provide subsidies to the citizens. Under the cheap petrol scheme, eligible people can buy fuel at a discount of at least two rupees per liter. 

    This scheme can be expected to benefit about 5 million people across Pakistan and cost the government of Pakistan eight billion rupees annually. According to the information, after six months, the government of Pakistan will review this cheap petrol, and diesel scheme whether this scheme is running successfully or not. 

    To apply online in this scheme, first go to the right message option on your mobile, type your computerized national identity card number, and send it to the helpline number 786.