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    Latest News! Prime Minister's Health Program For The All People

    Prime Minister’s Health Program

    The Prime Minister’s Health Program is designed to provide access to basic health facilities to Pakistan’s poor and deserving people. Health care is everyone’s right, and a healthy life is everyone’s desire. This program is an important step taken by the Government of Pakistan to provide relief to the poor and deserving patients suffering from life-threatening diseases and ensure access for the poor to the best health services. 

    Health services provide doctor-patient relationships, a hospital environment, and highly trained doctors. They focus the patient on performing better than expected. The Prime Minister’s Health Program addresses the gaps in the health care system. It reduces patient satisfaction, health care costs, and health care costs.

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    Who is Eligible for the Prime Minister Health Program

    In this program, all the deserving and poor men, women, and transgenders of Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Balochistan are also covered to assess the capability of people.

    • People below the poverty line can be eligible for the Prime Minister’s Health Program.
    • Those whose monthly income is less than the monthly expenses of their treatment can also qualify for the Prime Minister Health Program.
    • Government employees were not included in this program of the Prime Minister.
    • Those who are benefiting from any other government health program have been declared ineligible for this program.
    • All the beneficiaries of the BISP sponsorship program are eligible for this program.
    • Those who have traveled abroad or whose passports have been forged are also not eligible for this program.

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    اہلیت کا معیار

    اس پروگرام میں پنجاب، سندھ، خیبرپختونخوا، گلگت بلتستان اور بلوچستان کے تمام مستحق اور غریب مرد، خواتین اور خواجہ سراؤں کو بھی شامل کیا گیا ہے تاکہ لوگوں کی صلاحیت کا اندازہ لگایا جا سکے۔

    خط غربت سے نیچے زندگی گزارنے والے لوگ وزیراعظم ہیلتھ پروگرام کے اہل ہو سکتے ہیں۔

    جن کی ماہانہ آمدنی ان کے علاج کے ماہانہ اخراجات سے کم ہے وہ بھی وزیراعظم ہیلتھ پروگرام کے لیے اہل ہو سکتے ہیں۔

    وزیراعظم کے اس پروگرام میں سرکاری ملازمین شامل نہیں تھے۔

    جو لوگ کسی دوسرے سرکاری ہیلتھ پروگرام سے مستفید ہو رہے ہیں انہیں اس پروگرام کے لیے نااہل قرار دیا گیا ہے۔

    BISP سپانسرشپ پروگرام کے تمام مستفید اس پروگرام کے اہل ہیں۔

    وہ لوگ جنہوں نے بیرون ملک سفر کیا ہے یا جن کے پاسپورٹ جعلی ہیں وہ بھی اس پروگرام کے اہل نہیں ہیں۔

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    What Diseases Does the Prime Minister Health Program Prioritize

    Prime Minister Health Program provides services for the treatment of chronic diseases. Since the treatment of these diseases is very expensive, deserving and poor people cannot bear the cost.

    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Diabetes
    • Burns and RTA
    • Kidney Diseases / End Stage Dialysis.
    • Chronic infection
    • Special organ failure (heart, kidney, liver, lung).
    • Cancer
    • Neurosurgery

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    Prime Minister’s Health Card

    She has announced that the Prime Minister’s Health Card provides the best health services to the people. This health card provides free treatment up to 10 lakh rupees per family. Patients can get free treatment through this health card in case of any accident or fatal disease.

    Through this, transport services are also provided to patients. If the patient dies during treatment, up to 10,000 rupees is provided to the heirs for burial.

    A child born in the family of eligible persons in this program will automatically be eligible. If the child is born in a non-paneled hospital, you must submit the birth certificate issued by NADRA, after which he will be eligible.

    Treatment Services

    Under this program, treatment up to four lakh rupees is provided free for the health care of deserving people. Additional financial limits are allocated to the family in critical condition of the patient. Cancer and dialysis patients get more treatment coverage.

    This program has provided free treatment of up to four lakh rupees to people in case of fatal diseases. The limit increases if more money is required for treatment.

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