Fri. May 24th, 2024
    Golden Opportunity for Underprivileged Women to Get Help in BISP

    Underprivileged Women to Get Help in BISP

    A Golden Opportunity for Underprivileged Women to Get Help in BISP to join the program. Now not only the women but also the people who are not eligible in the program have given the right to appeal. In case of ineligibility in the appeal, they will re-surveyed.

    The government of Pakistan has decided to release the episode on May 13. This time all women will get their payment from Campus Sides. Women who face problems in withdrawing money from ATMs or banks like HBL will now visit the campus side to get their payment.

    News Update! Introduced A New BISP Registration Code

    نا اہل خواتین کے لیے BISP میں امداد حاصل کرنے کا سنہری موقع

    نا اہل خواتین کے لیے پروگرام میں شامل ہونے کا سنہری موقع آ گیا ہے، اب نہ صرف خواتین بلکہ ان افراد کو بھی اپیل کا حق دے دیا گیا ہے جو پروگرام میں شامل نہیں ہیں۔ اپیل میں نااہلی کی صورت میں ان کا دوبارہ سروے کیا جائے گا۔

    حکومت پاکستان نے 13 مئی کو ادائیگی جاری کرنے کا فیصلہ کیا ہے۔ اس بار تمام خواتین کو ان کی ادائیگی کیمپس سائیڈز سے ملے گی۔ جن خواتین کو اے ٹی ایم یا HBL جیسے بینکوں سے رقم نکالنے میں دشواری کا سامنا کرنا پڑتا ہے، وہ اب ادائیگی حاصل کرنے کے لیے کیمپس کی طرف جائیں گی۔

    8171 Ehsaas Program 25000 Check Online Registration 2024

    Right To Appeal To Disqualified Persons

    A golden opportunity has been provided for the people who have declared ineligible for the program. Ineligible persons will be able to get assistance from the BISP program soon after they appeal. 

    If disqualified on appeal, they will be re-surveyed in 2026. All those women who frequent the BISP office need not worry. Now you will register in the up program only through appeal and get a quarterly payment of 10,500.

    Eligibility Check Through Updated Web Portal

    If you are facing problems while receiving money even after your registration. Check your eligibility through the updated 8171 web portal if your amount has been deducted, or if you have not received the assistance message from the program.

    8171 Eligible and deserving people did not get assistance after checking the eligibility through the portal. So in this case the 8171 portal is now updated by the government of Pakistan. Now all the people will be able to register on receiving the message after completing their eligibility.

    You will be able to know your payment information through the web portal. You will be notified of your eligibility immediately, along with eligibility you will register on the specified date.

    Registration Of Divorced Women for Ehsaas Kafalat 10500

    Payments Start to Eligible People

    Eligible individuals in the program receive BISP program payments. If you want to receive your payment, you follow a few steps. Because now you will not get your money from an ATM nor will you get it from HBL Bank, you will now get this money from the palace side.

    Quarterly payment of the Benazir Income Support Program will start on May 13. Those eligible for the program will receive their payment from Campus Sides.


    What should non-eligible individuals do to receive payment from the program?

    Ineligible persons submit an appeal to receive payment so that you can be registered in the program.

    Where will Benazir Income Support Program payments come from?

    Now you will not be able to get your payment from ATM and HBL. Rather, now you will be able to receive quarterly payments from the campus side.

    How do ineligible persons check eligibility for assistance?

    You will get complete eligibility information by checking eligibility through the updated 8171 web portal.

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